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VFR800 - anything I should know?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by chillibutton, Jan 30, 2016.

  1. Looking for input particularly from VFR owners ( cjvfrcjvfr I'm looking at you lol). Looking at these for PSYKCPSYKC because surprisingly to both of us, she sat on some today and actually reached the ground and felt really comfortable with weight and balance on the bike. So looking at circa 2011-2013 models now - anything we should know about them re known issues, things to look for in used bikes, etc. also interested to learn more re the multiple seat height setting - the specs only give the top height of 805mm I think, anyone know the lower setting, and also is this valid for all models throughout the years?
    Thanks in advance for feedback...

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  2. Bulletproof
    Loyalty producing
    The Swiss Army Knife of motorcycles
    Hop over to ozvfr.net for some specific info...
  3. Cheers hornethornet - will go and have a look at that now.
  4. They sound awesome too :)
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    You should know that they're great bikes.

    Can't keep up with it when cjvfrcjvfr is riding in the front... after a few minutes of following him, he's nowhere to be seen.

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  6. This is a trick question right?

    Nah seriously, they are imo the best 'proper' sport tourer on the market. Sound awesome, go awesomely enough for most people, can load em up with luggage, can pillion, can bash twisties with the best of them, and go forever.
    Don't know a shit load about the model your looking at but my '99 just did 6200 km in 11 day and didnt even look like skipping a beat.
    Gave it a full service at 50,000 km and the valve clearances were still within tolerance even though previous paperwork doesn't show that it was ever done .
    Shall I go on? :)
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  7. I had a VFR for a couple of years and they are a fantastic bike. Not one issue. Top all round bike and well sought after. Sold mine within a week of posting the ad.
    You will be happy with your purchase.
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  8. You're not seriously thinking of getting PSYKCPSYKC on a quicker bike, are you? Wow! That girl can ride anything quicker that we all realise....
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  9. I'll let her explain Pete...

    Essentially wants more powah! :nailbiting:
  10. Thanks PetesulPetesul!
    Just need a teeny tiny bit more power! Love my CB400 so it's really tough but wanting to do a few track days and find the v-tech real quick! :)))
    You still beat me in the corners :)!!!
  11. I just let you think that....
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  12. the only real problem is the reg rectifiers on them but thats more a general honda thing
  13. But if you replace it with a good after-market unit you never have to touch it again.....
  14. Oh yeah, forgot about that little puppy. The one on mine was done by the previous owner and apparently its from an R1, has a fan and everything.
    But as hornet said, easy one time fix.
  15. What's the go with ABS guys, seems not standard but was it an option on later models? I know the 2014 onwards gave it as std, but 2007-2013? Any informed input appreciated...
  16. There's also the linked brakes. I personally didn't see it as a problem but apparently some stunting experts disagreed.
    (no idea about ABS sorry).
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  17. Lol yup no probs with those, hope my other half won't be stunting!
  18. It's ok chillibuttonchillibutton. I'll just suggest she skips up the road out of sight before stunting.
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    - Bad Rectifiers, watch you don't overload the electrical system...consider fitting a voltmeter.
    - Bad Stators, they heat up and kill the rec/reg
    - Don't cheap out on oil or miss a service and use 98
    - Cam chain tensioners can fail, engine has 2.

    Otherwise they are a fantastic bike.
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  20. Is that still a problem on these later model bikes? I knew that earlier models around 10-15 years ago had issues - but is Honda still creating poor electrics? Haven't they got that sorted out yet?