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VFR800 - A question ?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by doonx, Feb 8, 2006.

  1. I have seen Viffers advertised with slightly different model descriptions and just want to know if they are really any different to each other.

    Regardless of what year model, is a VFR800 the same as a VFR800F (from the same year) ?
    Is a VFR800Fi (I know the "i" indicates fuel injection) the models with "VTEC" ?

    Amongst you have owned ro own a Viffer what (if any) year model is regarded as "the best" ?

    Thanks guys :)
  2. The last ones before VTEC are regarded as superior. And the 750 is regarded as superior to the 800 range. *shrug*
  3. What about the VFR800 / VFR800F question ?
  4. I was under the impression that even back to the 750s, they were all VFR...Fs, just not always spoken of that way - like the CB900 is actually the CB900F2, or the Gixxer is the K5 or whatever - could be wrong. Google?
  5. i thought that as a general rule the "F" at the end of a model name indicated that it was a "Faired" bike. This being the case, it would imply that a VFR800 was not faired, while the VFR800F was faired. I thought VFR's were always a fully faired bike ?
  6. There were some bikini-faired 750s I think... Or maybe those were just crashed. I've never seen an unfaired 800. Either way the CB900 is totally naked, but that's still got an F...
  7. You'll come unstuck with that line of thinking as each manufacturer is different but here's a link to a glowing report on the 800 as opposed to the 750.
  8. VFR's

    Well I had a VFR800F 2000 model and I'll say it was one of the best bikes I've ever had. I would love to have another. Good brakes, nice engine, good two up etc. Could go on about it all day....

    I was told by many bike mechanics that the VFR800F (No VTech models) were the best because of the weight reduction, the braking systems and the gear driven cams. They also said it was odd for any VFR to have any engine problems and should have a long life.

    Basically I wish I didn't sell my VFR, it's the only bike I have regrets over selling.
  9. this is interesting:

    Red Book Code HOND98SO

    W Cycle ROAD Manual 800cc (Dec 1997)
    Trade in price guide* $4,300 - $5,200
    National average price - private sale* $6,200 - $7,400
    Price when new (RRP) $14,990
    all prices quoted are GST inclusive

    There are very few 1998 VFR's around for that money, most are well above it.
  10. Yeah......ad another 3k for a good average one.

    I'd buy 2 at those prices!
  11. A month ago I missed out on buying a blue 2000 VFR800F that I found on bikepoint.com.au with 8,000k's for $9500 (No Rego). I missed out by one day... bugger

    And that was a really good deal.

    You'd be lucky if you found one less than $7k in the 800 series, even with 50k's on it..
  12. F was ment to indicate a 'Friendly' bike as far as I understand it.
  13. that bump to the head really did rearrange things on the inside, didn't it Matt ???
  14. Well i just picked up my VFR750, and it freakin rocks!!

    Just got a bit hot now riding around the 'burbs. But i'm buzzing. Already had people call dibs on pillion ride. hehehe
  15. F = road or touring
    R = race or sports
  16. F was meant to respresent 'Friendly' Ergonomics while the RR namulacture translates to 'Race Ready'.

    But I'm buggered if I can find where I read that.

    Is anyone whats to correct me please do.

    Also the CB was originally meant to represent 'City Bike' I'm lead to believe.
  17. Yes.

    The model is VFR 800Fi. The code is VFR 800F. The model code is RC 46.

    The difference between having and not having the "F" is in the 750 models where from 94-97 you had the VFR 750F an dthe VFR 750R which were differently styled bikes.

    No. Stick with the year for that. 02 onwards is the VTEC with fuel injection. 98-01 is fuel injection and not VTEC.

    I loved my 2001 model, and regularly miss her. You won't be disappointed with a 98-01 '800.
  18. I am still stuck deciding between a CBR600 and a VFR800 but this is helpful deciding between which VRF if I do go that way.
    The only thing I have a bit of an issue with is the linked braking system.
    Any one ridden one with the linked braking system?
    How exactly dose it work and would I be better off with out it.

    My understanding of it is that it helps less experienced riders because you don’t need to balance your brakes in the wet.
    But I have no problem with that and I am afraid that oneday I will need to lock up one set of brakes and leave the other wheel running free and I wont be able to.
  19. Yeah the linked braking system, i have a question on this also that has always plagued me - how does one do a burnout with this type of braking system on thier bike, wouldnt the rear disk grab somewhat and overheat causing the rotor to warp?? (serious question)
  20. No. No. No. No. No!

    RRs are bikes specifically built for pirates.

    R's are built for people who are just lost for words