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VFR800 "5 cm Taller" Screens

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Galex, Apr 29, 2009.

  1. Hi All

    I'm currently pondering the "5cm taller" windscreen Honda accessory screen for the VFR800. It's pretty expensive at more than $330, especially compared to non-genuine alternatives. My concern is that there seems to be no "try before you buy" option with stuff like this, so it could be $300 poorly spent. I'm 190 cm tall and the wind seems to be coming straight into the bottom of my helmet.

    This noise is the main reason for considering another screen. I already use earplugs.

    Does anyone have the genuine Honda screen, and would you recommend it? What about aftermarket screens?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Have you taken a look at the 'powerbronze' air-flow screen?
    A double-Bubble type screen which deflect the wind a little further upward.
    Just fitted mine yesterday, too early to comment on it's effectiveness however.
  3. Thanks. I had a look and they appear to be similar to the Honda part from what I can see, with no big lip like others I've seen. I'd be very interested in your comparison of your new screen vs the stock screen.
  4. I found on my VFR that without my neck warmer on, I could not hear the engine at all..

    with it on, it seems to block a lot of the wind noise that enters from the screen..

    I am also considering the taller screen...
  5. After a few days withe the new screen, I've noticed a little less wine noise and the point at which the wind hits me seems to be deflected aprox 2 inches or so. With the old screen the wind hit me just below my chin, it's now shifted to just above the helmet base with less force.
    Crouching down I can actually shelter myself and prevent the wind from hitting me and find wind noise is practically zero.
    Hope this helps
  6. Thanks Twistngo. The Laminar lip does seem to be what I am after.
  7. Still getting used to the bike are we mate?

    Must have a list as long as your arm of upgrades etc.

    'It's not a CBR....",'It's not a CBR....",'It's not a CBR....",'It's not a CBR....",'It's not a CBR....",'It's not a CBR....",'It's not a CBR....",

    Ahh.... thats better!!!

    Ha Ha
    :p :p

  8. I've ordered the laminar lip. If it is all that is claimed I'll be very happy!
  9. Well, of course there was a delay in delivery and I was overseas for a couple of weeks, but it did arrive, I did install it (today) and this is what I think.

    I tried it with no earplugs, which I couldn't do with the standard screen. Went up to 80km/hr on Nepean Highway. Even though I will still wear plugs, it is much quieter. I'm not so sure about the look of it, but it definitely works. I think I'm taking the airstream about middle of my visor now, rather than on my chest.

    Thanks again Twistngo.

    This is what it looks like: Sorry, pic won't load.
  10. Yeah, wine noise is really a problem...

    Sorry, couldn't resist. :LOL: