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VFR750/800 vs YZF1000, opinions please

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by snowy, Jun 2, 2007.

  1. Hey Guys,

    Great forum and been busy reading all I can, but really still need some comparo opinions to meet my biking needs.

    I am thinkin of either a VFR or YZF thunderace as a replacement for my old GPZ900. Real need would be what would be the most comfortable, one and two up all day, somthin that can go like stink on the odd occassion that is stock as bags.

    Flip a coin?

    Budget 7 - 10k

    Many thanks in advance
  2. vfr800. I just love the series, and fits in your price range and known to be one of the best sports tourers. Looks hot too.
  3. YZF1000 Thunderace.
  4. VFR800 is a great tourer, comfy, smooth and very reliable, but horsepower is lacking compared to a Thunderace.

    thunderace is a great bike, goes hard, and handles well, they are quite comfy too, but spares might be a bit hard to find sometimes, and re-sale might be harder due to lesser popularity than VFR.

    Please consider the CBR1100XX Blackbird, a very comfy, smooth and reliable tourer, that goes like stink. I know people with well over 100,000km on birds that are still going strong, and there are lots in your price range. A good 2004 model can be had with <20km for about $10K
  5. Dude, do a bit of research... You can get a hell of a lot of motorcycle for $5-10k - no need to be looking at old sports tourers like the VFR750 or YZF1000, you can get something nice, reasonably recent and fuel injected that'll be lighter, sharper and more fun.
  6. I loaded it up and rode Melb to Sydney in 10 hours on my old VFR800, then to Port Macquarie the next day. Total comfort. Plenty of go when you need it. Fantastic resale value.

    Within your budget you can get a number of very very well kept, low K's VFR's. I have just bought myself a brand new one and I did a motherload of research. The big tip is to find yourself a 2001 model, last of the Pre-VTEC's, they are phenomenal.
  7. Many thanks one and all, advice warmly appreciated, have rode both since, and for me the choice was a low 12000km YZF1000 for 6k or a moderate 60000km VFR750 for 6k . In the end the thunderace won out for kms and additional sting, but the VFR was definately a nice ride. Be nice to have both, one to be a rascal and the other to be a gentleman.

    cheers again all