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VFR400 Vs RVF400 Pricing

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by FALCON-LORD, Jan 29, 2008.

  1. Just out of interest I compared teh Pricing of the VFR & RVF 400s curently on bikesales.
    Can someone explain to me why VFRs for for 3 - 5.5K and RVFs go for 6.5 - 9K?
    They are of similar age (I know because of compliancing there age is any bodies guess) they have the same engine and a lot of the same components. yet one goes for twice the price of the other.

  2. Is one of them LAMS legal?
  3. Yes. RVF400 is lams legal. VFR400 is not.
  4. I believe the RVF has a USD front end - it's the later and revised version. VFR400 = NC30, RVF = NC35.
  5. Which one does Cheng have?
  6. Interesting...
  7. VFR.
  8. They are both fast for what they are.
  9. I think the price is basically upped because the rvf400 is pretty much one of the fastest lams bikes available. The rvf400 if it wasnt lams legal, wouldn't be worth more then about 5.5k
  10. The RVF superseded the VFR. I've never pushed a VFR hard, but the RVF has handling that isn't put to shame by new 600s. Slipper on the RVF, no idea about the VFR. Both gutless but just enough for the road. RVF every so slightly more comfortable, but there's zero real difference. First three cogs are taller on the VFR, a negative IMO. They come up stupidly cheap on fleaBay sometimes, just be patient and you won't have to overpay.

    It's my second bike and first sportie, and I'm a newbie, so naturally I love it to death.
  11. ive ridden yaks RVF, and its suspenders were heaps better than a gixxer6k2 model that i rode a while ago. there is no bottom end or midrange, mind you id just gotten off my litre twin. but once revved, she defintaley goes. the close ratio gearbox makes it easy to stay above 9 grand.
    they are an awesome bike to ride, they give absolute confidence not the most comfortable or practicle, you need to adopt the racers pose to ride it properly.

    i did find ground clearance a problem, but thats only cause it was so easy to ride! :LOL:
  12. They should create an up-to-date version. Keep the 250 size chassis, awesome handling and v4, but all new technology. Around 140kg dry and 80bhp. My ideal machine. Honda need to make this happen!
  13. Won't happen. Would be too expensive i.e quite close to the 600RR, which would put a big dint in the sales.
  14. The bikes for their time were extremely advanced, possibly one of the most advanced, and even by todays standards aren't slouches.

    PS, barely any market for it. IMO it would be sweet to have a 250cc triple, but its not going to happen.
  15. Yeah, I'm not optimistic that it will ever happen...sadly...but it's a nice dream.
  16. hi folks

    just digging this thread up again. Sorta toying with the idea of getting a vfr400 as a trackie.

    Just trying to also figure out why theyre so cheap compared to other options out there (one duly noted is the rvf).

    Are parts easy to come by?
    How reliable are these bikes?

  17. A) Do it
    8) Cheap because its "only" 400cc, but not lams legal.
    C) Parts are relatively easy to come by (if you don't mind using ebay)
    D) Reliable as all sin.

    There is HUGE support for this bike in racing, tyga offer performance and track fairings, people have made big bore kits, and this bike is just considered fantastic by so many people. PS if you are dedicated enough, and dont mind spending a fair bit, its possible to drag nearly 100hp out of the motor. Forged 450cc kits unlock a lot of power on top of new intake and exhaust.
  18. Any idea how all those extra horses affect the handling? Can the chassis cope? You wouldn't want to unsettle the bike, considering its ablility to corner is the main reason to get one.