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VFR400 on LAMS?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by robeel, Sep 21, 2010.

  1. i have seen some of these on the net as lams. i have found one for $3.5k but its not lams.

    can they be changed to lams? how?

  2. None of them are. No you can't change them. There is a reason the rvf's are so much more expensive.
    Not being lams brings their value down close to what it should be.
  3. If you are in NSW, it needs to be on this list:-


    Other states may allow vehicles not on the list, with inspection or whatever. I don't know. You should set your location so people know where you are :)

    wikipedia says they will do 44kw and 182kg wet. With 90kg allowance for the rider (I believe thats the standard), they are 162kw/ton, over the 150kw/ton limit. Doesn't seem likely to me that they would ever be LAMS.
  4. thats interesting, because the rvf is only a hp or two less and only a kilo or two more. Would not significantly change power to weight at all.
  5. I was under the impression that they were LAMS and then the restrictions were tightened up. I've been wrong once or twice before, though, so don't take that as gospel.
  6. Nope, only ever the RVF400

    The VFR was never LAMs
  7. Shhhh........ You'll ruin it for everyone!

    (1kg more, 5 kw less, VFR 157.24 kw/tonne, RVF 154.98 kw/tonne based on dodgy net specs)
  8. Some VFR400 bikes are indeed LAMS registered by a stroke of luck at the blue slipping station or some other stage leading up to their registration.

    However I have been told (and consequently the opposite) that once you transfer the registration the LAMS condition is dropped.

    The LAMS condition MUST BE PRINTED ON THE REGISTRATION LABEL! It will say something like COND LAMS
  9. Husaberg FS650E. AFAIK, 50kw at the wheel, 120kg wet. Sounds like the best LAMS bike to me. (y)
  10. I've been wondering about the accuracy of Honda's quoted specs for the RVF.

    I can go a reasonable way past the 180Kph mark on my bike (looked like where a 200Kph marker would be) and I weigh 120KG and I have wide shoulders so aerodynamically I am sure I am shit, but I can get my head below the screen (I got a double bubble for it). I definitely can't tuck my arms in on top of the tank and get my upper body down, so they go beside my knees in the wind.

    It can't be a 39KW bike in reality and I have seen dynos of standard bikes exceeding that by a few KW.

    My 33KW CBR250R (which was very awkward for me to ride) was 150Kph max with me on it. Can 6KW account for that much more speed?
  11. your cbr wasn't putting out 33kw
  12. yep, i wanted an 08 model but they werent LAMS in VIC... :(
  13. Having said that there is a Lams condition vfr400 on ebay right now.
  14. Yeah probably.

    But I personally suspect that all of the Japanese 400cc bikes were underquoted.
  15. dyno testing puts most in the 50-60 range. I've heard of 200hp/L coming out of a 400, can't remember which, but think it was an rvf.
  16. This probably won't help, but shouldn't there be a LAM somewhere on the rego label and Cert