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VFR400 as an upgrade?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by outtalive, May 10, 2005.

  1. Financial difficulties have left me considering cheaper upgrade options and 400s seem to be coming up for good prices lately - I guess 'cos most in Victoria would prefer to make the leap from a 250 to a 600+.

    I test rode a CBR400 a while back, was very nice - smooth response and pretty quick due to it basicly being a 400cc engine in the baby blade chasis but I haven't seen one since at a good price :cry:

    However I have seen a few VFR400s about and often for $5K or under. What do you guys have to say about those?

  2. One of the guys at Friday night coffee on Southbank has a VFR400 you should come down and check it out and get a face to face opinion.
  3. I would have done that if they had have been easier to get hold of, but nooooooo, I went the 600 option instead.
  4. you can EASILY get a 600 for that money (just sold the thundercat for $4500), but if you're happy with a 400, i'd say you'll have more fun. they dont have the same punch as a 600, but they're HEAPS quicker than the 250s and only a touch heavier/bigger. they'll flick around much easier than 600s and as long as you keep the revs up, you'd have no problem keeping up or even passing them through tighter sections :D

    great bikes, but if you really want a 600, they're not that expensive if you look in the mid 90s range....
  5. Upgrading to a 400

    In over 30 years of riding I've lost count of the number of riders who have bought the wrong bike for the right reason and regretted it afterwards. Yes, a 400 is a neat bike and makes a logical step-up from a 250, but, as already noted, good mid-90's 600's are available in the same price range and will meet your needs for much longer.
    Remember, the less stressed the motor is, the longer it will last. 600's have heaps of power, get what they do done with less stress on the mechanicals and are far more felxible in a wide variety of riding situations, commuting, scratching, touring etc.
    My advice? Skip the 400 and go straight to a 600.
    Want a more comfortable 600 that's not outright sports bike?
    The Yamaha Thundercat 600 (pre R6)
    Fabulous bike and a genuine all-rounder for a reasonable price.
  6. Re: Upgrading to a 400

    haha, yeah, the thundercat rocks 8) regret selling it now, but its in good hands i spose :( they still make em, almost exactly the same too, so they must have done something right when they first made them in 96 :D

    i still reckon 400s are great tho, if you're of a smaller stature, they're much easier to have fun on and be comfy. sure the motor might be a bit more stressed, but the 250s can take it, why wouldn't the 400s? i reckon they're coo still....
  7. I'd have one in a heart beat if I had the spare cash. I love my VFR800 so I'm biased but still...

    They're a neat little jigger and could embarass a few boy-racers in the right hands.

    Also consider an older model VFR750. An early 90s model will cost you in the range of 4-7 grand depending on condition. A more dependable bike is hard to find and you'll find it easy to ride straight away.