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VFR1200, if you bought one or rode one talk to me

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by redviffer, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. I did a search on here and found 44 pages about the new VFR1200 but nearly all of it was speculation or links to magazine reviews done overseas or on race tracks. I've owned two VFR800's in my time both 6th gen and I would like to hear from those that test rode it, bought one and sold it or bought one and still own it. I would like to read a real world review on it by the everyday rider instead of a whole heap of negativity by people who only looked at the brochure.

    I would like to know what range you get cruising at 110 versus what you get around town or what you get if your twisting the wrist a lot.

    Finally one last red herring. I read that Honda were able to get remarkably smooth paint on the bike by vibrating the panel as they paint it to produce one of the smoothest paint finishes yet seen on a bike. So my question is if you scratched it how the hell does a panel beater in Australia repaint a panel on it and achieve the same standard of finnish that the rest of the bike has. I presume it's impossible in Australia.
  2. Rub & buff mate, rub & buff.
    You'd be surprised how many different (grades) polishes there are.
  3. Come on surely someone owns one out there. I ask because with bikes you can test ride it and initiall impressions are usually correct but after 10000km or a year of owning one you see what you didn't pick up in the first ride. Most of the time you don't end up disliking a bike but you may find one or two things annoying that you didn't count on. I owned a ZX14 once, initial ride impressions were fantastic. After riding it to Perth and back from Canberra I learned it was just never suited to my height and made for uncomfortable touring. Other than that it was faultless. I went from a VFR to the 14 because I wanted more power then went back to a VFR because of the comfort. Then I went in to adventure bikes for the off road ability but it becomes a costly business and involves a lot more equipment, prior planning and cleaning afterward. I know the VFR1200 is out of my price range for now but in another year I'd like to go back to a sports tourer and I have always had a love affair with the VFR's. I'll probably end up going second hand or ex demo when the time comes if I go with the 1200 but the small fuel tank, weight and very small luggage concern me. I have read all the rider magazine reviews and everyone has similar opinions but when one sees it in the flesh they change their mind on the looks and a test ride normally seems to impress but beyond that I can't find anything else especially from anyone who bought one and how the bike is fairing 12 months on etc
  4. Not too many people bought one in Aus. Honda Aus still has them in boxes new waiting to be sold. An ex-colleague of mine once told me the VFR1200 is sales proof. I think it's the price tag that puts many people off but with stock getting old I'm sure in the next few months the prices will be sub $20,000 as Honda will be getting jack of them sitting in the warehouse unsold.
  5. Yeah saw that a few days ago, 17990 plus on roads of course and a plane ticket over there. Still better than $26K though
  6. Contrary to most internet pundits - I quite like the machine. Dunno about the paint sorry.
    Here's my Kiwi Rider bit on it:
  7. As it was supposed to be the replacement bike for the Blackbird,
    There is a lot of discussion on the VFR 1200 on cbrxx.com by people who have owned and ridden them, The VFR 1200 does not come up to par in comparison to the Bird,
    Its tank is smaller, less range, There are quite a few people who have actually given riding comparisons to both bikes,
    Have a read and form your own conclusions, Some are quite in depth,
  8. HURRAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Everything everyone seems to think is wrong with it is finally being fixed in 2012. New trip meters, increased fuel range,different torque spread etc

    Found it here http://powersports.honda.com/2012/vfr1200f/innovations.aspx

    I think I'm sold, just have to wait until the price drops a little
  9. They forgot to fix the butt ugly looks
  10. I thought that too until I saw one up close in the shop. Not sure why it looked better to me but I was surprised about it. Same thing with the new Suzuki GSX750 or is it a GSR? Anyway, it looks all sharp angles and Transformer style like in photos but saw one the other day and thought it was ok. I'm warming up to it. Maybe.

  11. I can give you my experience for what its worth. In context I've only been riding for 3 years, my previous bike was a VTR250 - before you jump up and down I'm 56 years young and very responsible ;-).
    When I got my open licence in March I decided to celebrate by getting a run-out VFR800 so I took my similarly aged wife to the dealer and sat her on the back of one. She has never pillioned and probably never will but I like to be inclusive.
    By coincidence right next to the 800 was a 1200 fully decked out with panniers, top box, etc. Naturally we had to mount that one too - "I like this one" says she. Enough said - a week later the 1200 was delivered to me on the back of the dealers ute - I was terrified about riding it home from the dealer with my lack of experience. After 8 months I've done 5000 km and feel a lot more confident on it.
    My riding is purely on bitumen, recreational, often only a couple of hours at a time and usually at short notice as other commitments and weather dictate. I love it for this.
    I live in a semi-rural part of south east Qld with endless back roads of reasonable quality and low enforcement, and IMHO this is the ideal environment for the 1200. I would not choose to commute daily on it in the city, it's too heavy and the low speed first and second gear stuff is not it's strength.
    It has some idiosyncratic features when being ridden at low speed. I think the throttle by wire software was a beta version and when you get even gently on the throttle with a bit of lean in first or second at low speed you're never quite know how much response you are going to get. You need to cover the clutch a bit in those situations to smooth it out.
    Once up and running in the higher gears it is simply bliss. It changes direction well, can be placed wherever you want it with complete precision, it holds it line in corners, is resistant to buffeting from wind and traffic (at least compared to the VTR250) and the throttle becomes a finely tuned instrument of pleasure.
    It has more than enough power and torque, it's happy to idle along at 2500 rpm in the higher gears, but when you get above 5.5k rpm it really feels balanced and smooth in its power delivery.
    The worst I've achieved from a tank of fuel was about 260km but that included a bit of running up and down the local mountains and foothills in 2nd and 3rd gear. Usually I get a touch over 300km from a tank with potential for maybe 340 if perfectly restrained. I have no idea how thirsty it would be commuting in town but I would guess it would be disappointing figures.
    The bike seems put together very well and the only bit which has come loose is the dealer fitted GPS mount.
    When I made the purchase I thought that realistically it would probably be my last bike but now I've worked out that it is perfect for what it does but not a perfect all-rounder I'm starting to think about a second bike or maybe trading it in search of the perfect all-rounder.
    I hope that helps.
    BTW - before I bought it I had seen BD2's (Big Dave's) video review along with a few others - these were influential in weakening my resistance to the up-sell from the VFR800. Mine aren't of the same quality but if you search my username on youtube you might find a few onboard videos.
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  12. Hey, that was you! Awesome. I remember seeing that video a while ago. I really love this bike (don't own one) but have been considering it for a while.
  13. looks like the "increased fuel capacity" is from 18.5 to ~19 liters. Most of the improvement in fuel range comes from adjustments to the engine itself.

    I wonder if we'll even get the 2012 model in Aus considering how few of the 2010 got sold.
  14. I'm keen to try one out - I saw one at one of the Honda dealerships in Sydney - (Sydney city motorcycles) it was a demo but looked like it had hardly been ridden - tyres looked brand spankin.. I asked one of the reps how many they have sold since they had them, his answer - Seven!! Seven! One of the previous posts mentioned they are in storage - must be a HUGE warehouse!
  15. Not sure if it is true or not... but my local dealer also mentioned there was a heap of unsold 2010 models still sitting in the importers warehouse.

    I'm just starting to do some research for my next bike... and this one was going to be on the short list. It is expensive, and I'm not sure whether the pannier deal is still happening or not either.
  16. I'm loving my VFR1200F
    I'm loving my 2015 VFR1200F, A far better bike than my BMW F800s. Honda are also a more ethical company than BMW. However, while the Honda's paint looks geat the paint is easily marked, scratched etc. I have fitted rubber knee pads to mine.