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VFR Q's and A's

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by rengel, Oct 3, 2005.

  1. Lads,

    I went riding on the weekend on the new Viffer,which was amazing.
    The only thing I noticed that slightly annoyed me, was my riding position on the bike.. I seem to sitting quite 'upright'.
    I know its a tourer, but I've sat on other Viffer's and the handlebar position feels a lot more 'aggressive' (leaning forward more, etc).

    Can this be modified on the handle bars with those two 'screws' to point the handle-bars further away from the tank, therefore making you reach more for the bars and forcing you to lie on the tank a bit more, or is that for something else?

    I had a bit of a heart-attack when I noticed the bike dribble a bit of liquid on the ground after some rides, but I noticed there were 3 tubes coming out of the faring at the moment (right underneath the centre of the faring) which is for excess coolant, etc. (as the bike was brand new when I bought it,this could have been from overfilling, etc).

    I'm keen to get rid of that rear fender too, and relocate the rego sticker/holder to the side of the bike, maybe I'll take it down to a honda dealer and they can do it for me!

    Saw plenty of riders down Calder freeway on Sunday.. ;)