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VFR Fenders

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by rengel, Sep 23, 2005.

  1. Anyone know where I can get a better rear fender for my Viffer?
    The one I have ATM is HUGGEE.
    Would like to replace it with a smaller one, and relocate the Rego sticker on the side somewhere.

    PowerBronze I heard is a good one? $270 odd.
    Anyone got something else?

  2. hacksaw.
  3. Scooter - nah, I'd probably slip and slash my tyre LOL.
  4. Actually what I did was mark it with a white board marker then cut it with the jigsaw.
    Clean up edge with a file and sandpaper.
    Finish by blowing it with a heat gun to burn off any furry edges.
    Came up looking great and is now only a few mill below the no. plate.
  5. HMM Ok..
    I'm a bit skeptical with hacking away at plastic..
    I know its only plastic, but I'm no handy man!! :oops:

    I'd rather buy a finished product, and bolt it on, I'm more comfortable with that.
  6. That's also a problem with the powerbronze type of fender eliminator, you need to cut the rear mudguard to make it fit. (well I am assuming that this is also thre case with the VFR)
  7. I tried to find the VFR eliminator on their site, but couldn't find it, it only had rear huggers?

    Know of any other companies that make rear fenders for VFR's?
  8. It's easier than you might think, I used tin snips (!) and the clean up method as above.

    If you're not feeling too confident at hacking away at the existing one, how about getting a spare from a wreckers and cutting that. It will be a bit cheaper, and you can put the original back on when it comes time to sell as a bonus.

    Plus, you get the added satisfaction of some DIY (or find out that you really aren't that handy at all, depending on result!).
  9. Most Viffer owners probably only ever go as far as fitting a pipe, so aftermarket accessories are going to be a little rare i would think.