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VFR fans might like this

Discussion in 'Sports' started by chillibutton, Sep 24, 2016.

  1. Not my bike but this is for sale in Ringwood, and I know there are a lot of viffer fans here, so have a look at the great paint job on this 2005 model. I think the price was $7500. Next bike for you cjvfrcjvfr ?
    image. image.

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  2. Chinese fairings from eBay.

  3. Look good regardless lol
  4. That's just weird. Not saying it doesn't look good, just unexpected.
  5. Didn't say it didn't. My next bike (n+1) will be a gen 4 VFR800 as a commuter bike. I was looking to buy cheap fairings to fit and save the originals, that's how I know. They have all sorts of designs.

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  6. Pretty non-stock fairings still don't justify $7500 for an '05....
  7. Ah, bike shops, what can you do. I tend to take their asking price as an opening gambit.....
  8. I loved my Viffer, still do but that I don't like sorry. It's very not VFR and very CBR. Sorry mate!
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  9. I'm a fan of VFR's, the fairings aren't doing it for me.
    It reminds me of all the 6 cylinder Falcons and Commodores decked out with performance enhancing race stickers and badges.
  10. Well chilli I liked it :D I was looking for a decal kit to transform my old beast to the Repsol colours. 20160805_122142.
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  11. Different strokes lol. Must be my inner bogan liking it ;)