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Vfr 800

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by bionic man, Jan 29, 2012.

  1. Hi all

    Have been thinking of trading my CBR 6 for something more 2 up friendly.
    I've had the VFR in mind for some time & the mrs & i love it's comfort, handling & panniers.
    Also can grab one for $13990 ride away for a 2011 model.
    The 1 main thing stopping me is the motor.
    The demo model we test rode only had 85km on the clock & the motor was very tight (as expected) & under powered.
    It got up & went ok after all the valves kicked in after 6800rpm but low to mid range wasn't very impressive.
    Has anyone had experence with the v-tec motor with more km's & with slip on pipes?
    How much low to mid hp would i gain with slip ons & a K&N filter?
    Also can anyone recommend another bike with similar characteristics as the VFR.
    Any help would be much appreciated
    Thankyou in advance =D>
  2. That's quite a lot of bike for the money!

    Slip-ons and even full systems tend to only add more power at the top end, although I don't know much about VFRs. A tune would give a better throttle response but no necessarily give you much power boost. Obviously a sprocket change would give you a lot more low down grunt, but you'd have to get a speedo healer to stop your odo from over reading.
  3. Thanks for your help mate
  4. lol I don't reckon that was much help :)
  5. I have a stock Gen 6 VFR and have toured over 60k on it. You can tour ok in the non VTEC range < 7k rpm but you need to use the gearbox. It rewards you with a good fuel economy + 300Km/tank. When you want to have fun you push it up in the VTEC range.
  6. Hey CBR where do you live ??
    I have an 08. Tri colour.
    I put a K&N in, open the box up a bit, Leo Vance carbons, a PC3 and a dyno. Retail that would be over two grand.
    I gained 6 lousy HP. And it feels less than that.
    They are a doddle to ride and are designed that way. The V may have put out enough to hold the pack back when it was designed. Now...phhhfffght.
    So get some 2nd hand pipes for the sound. Staintunes I think sound the deepest and best. They do sound great with a decent set of cans. Don't even worry bout the K&N..seriously. Get a 2 tooth larger rear sprocket for the pick up under the Vtech range. Cheapest and best option going. I learnt that here from a very knowledgeable member. Best mod yet and the cheapest.
    Use the money to set the suspension up better. Or leave it bog std and have a nice comfy, cheap and reliable 250,000km of riding.
  7. The VFR seems to be a great tourer. 300km/tank is good going. Sounds like you use yours as it was intended for... great to hear thanks mate.
  9. I think he means that he put the mods on his 08 vfr
  10. The Power Commanders are supposedly almost necessary for these bikes as they run lean at lower RPM for emissions.. The Crossrunner 800 has the same engine and is much smoother from what I've heard due to retuning so even Honda admit it. PC3 also smooths the transition into VTAKKK!K!K! mode.