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VFR 750F on ebay

Discussion in 'Older / Classic Bikes' started by simon varley, Oct 2, 2016.

  1. at the risk of starting a bidding war by bringing it to more people's attention, does anyone know this bike in Kilmore?

    Honda VFR 750F Interceptor 1986 MINT CONDITION 26,000 Kms

    I've always had a thing about the VFR750F. I've never had one but several mates did when I was growing up. I'm expecting this to go to $10k which seems normal for a bike on Club Permit, but if it stays around $5k I might just bid
  2. Nice bike , not worth much more than 5 maybe 7 . Remember that club permit isn't transferable. So basically buying unreg
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  3. yeah. I've got a '69 beetle and a '73 Escort so I know about permits. Bikes though seem to go silly money as soon as they are eligible. I'll keep an eye on this but it looks neat enough to be worth a chance unreg.
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  4. ...so did you bid/buy this bike? Looks like a US import judging by the wheels and speedo. Went for a pretty reasonable price.
  5. Way, way too expensive...
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