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VFR 400 rear sets

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by phongus, Feb 1, 2010.

  1. Hello everyone

    I am looking for rearsets for my VFR400 race bike...current one is outdated and isn't adjustable. Also due to a crash, one of the pegs kind of grinded itself back on the tarmac casuing it to droop lower then the vertical...I can just get another peg...but I thought I'd go all out and get everything new :D

    I have been looking on Ebay and found the Kaneg ones. They seem nice but are priced at $450 for a pair...wouldn't want to pay that much. Here is the link to it... http://cgi.ebay.com.au/Rearsets-Hon...orcycle_Parts_Accessories?hash=item3a4d0a98fd

    I ended up searching for rearsets on google for other brands out there and found a website called MotoLanna who sell rearsets for VFR400s much cheaper. Here is the link... http://www.motolanna.com/ourshop/pr...sets-Honda-VFR400-NC30-RVF400-NC35-Black.html

    I was just wondering if anyone has dealt with MotoLanna and have any feedbacks or if anyone knows any locally made rearsets at a better price than Kanegs that would be great.

    I am also wondering if anyone makes crash knobs for VFR400s. I have found some in the UK but I prefer something locally. If not I will just resort to overseas purchases.

    Thanks in advance.

    phong =P~
  2. When you sort it out, let us all know. A few of us are interested.
  3. I've seen sets on e-bay for closer to $200, but not specifically for the VFR400. Maybe see if anything else fits.

    Although knowing Honda . . . .
  4. Hmmm they seem to be both non-folding pegs...don't think it would be an issue while racing (I hope). I don't think I have leaned far enough to scrape my folding pegs yet so I think I'm safe.

    Have sent emails to Kaneg and MotoLanna regarding better prices, but Kaneg is standing their ground while MotoLanna hasn't gotten back to me.

    Is anyone else interested in a set? I might be able to organize a group buy through Kaneg and see what kind of prices they can give...but I still think they would be close to the $400/per set mark. From the email, a spare set of pegs are $90. Rearsets and pegs are made from all alloy and if there is a group buy there is a 4-5 week manufacturing time...I'm assuming they only have 2 or 3 sets readily available.

    Just an expression of interest to get numbers and I'll see if they can do a better deal...nothing final.
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  6. Well I received my rearsets and crash bobbins today. The build quality looks pretty good, much better than the ones that are on my bike at the moment. More solid and sit a bit higher compared to my old ones. The crash bobbins are mounted using high tensile bolts which replace the original engine mounting bolts...however one of them doesn't seem to fit because the bolt extrudes too far from the back of the crash bobbin...either they gave me the wrong bobbin or I just need to buy myself a shorter high tensile bolt. For the price of AUS$260 delivered to my door via registered post...it was a bargain :). Item arrived in 6 days, which is faster than items I bought in Australia :?

    Added some pictures of what came in the package and the old rearsets compared to the new ones.

    Looks much better...I also think I need a new exhaust :?

    phong =P~

    EDIT: edited the images and reposted.



  7. Hey Phongus, if I'd seen this thread earlier I might have been in for a group buy. That set you bought look like a copy of the Alumalite rearsets, which are meant to be unbreakable. I've got the Alumalite brackets, but the rest is a bodgy home job which gave me some problems when I was racing on the weekend.

    I'm going to call RB Racing and see what they've got in stock, and if they don't have anything around the same price I'll be looking at a similar set to the ones you just got.

    Also, shoot me a PM if you are doing any racing in NSW!
  8. I'm stuck on something and I am hoping someone might be able to help me here. Especially VFR400 owners.

    I am trying to put the frame sliders onto my bike but I am clueless as to how and where it is meant to be mounted.

    I have been told that they are mounted by replacing the engine mounts at the front of the engine. I have 2 options on either side of the bike to mount the sliders, two of which are engine mounts, the other 2 I am unsure of because they are just empty bolt holes but fit the bolts nicely (refer to first image). The upper possible mounting point has a coil in the way for the time being, but that can be moved over a tad.


    However only one would fit because one slider has a deeper hole in which the mounting bolt goes through, which allows more thread for the same length bolt to pop out of the other side (refer to image below). The slider with the correct hole depth fits fine in any of the locations, however the other one doesn't seem to fit neither of the mounting areas.


    I asked the seller if they have sent me the wrong parts, but to them it is correct and that one should be longer than the other. They haven't told me where exactly they should be mounted via a picture, only that it is at the front.

    I bought the bike already race ready...sort of...so I am unsure if I am missing any parts on or around the engine mounts which may fill the 3 odd cms of thread (ie. spacer) to hold the slider into place or if they have indeed send me the wrong parts. There are no spacers on the engine mounts and there are 2 bolts missing on the bottom thread holes, so I am not exactly sure what used to be mounted there.

    If someone could enlighten me on what used to be mounted on the bottom holes and what may be missing that would be great. If it is indeed a wrong size bolt or wrong slider, I will source out another bolt of same strength just shorter.

  9. Thought I'd give a review on these after using them over the weekend. Nothing much wrong with them, the linkage rod may be a tad too long so with a standard shift pattern, the lever hits the linkage rod, Johnny bent them out and it seemed to have solved the problem. Race pattern it works just fine. Had to file a bit off the top of the brake side due to the brake booster not sitting flush. Rear sets fit just fine onto the frame without issues, and about a 5 minute job on filing and bending, the rear sets are just fine :).

    I also got to test them on a crash. After the bike somersaulted at turn 2 at Phillip Island, the bike rested on it's right side, rear sets were intact but just bent. The pegs were fine and so was the lever. With a bit of bending the rear sets should be back to the way they were :).

    So all in all, the rear sets were worth every penny :)