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VFR 400,or a M620 anyone had any experiance with these??

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by idontlikemondays, Sep 16, 2006.

  1. well due to unusually good tax return, ive been giving serious thought to upgrading. has anyone had any experiance with the VFR 400, my concern are simply that they are a grey import. if i was to buy one it would be mainly for weekend stuff, id keep the VTR for the daily communte.
    or alternativly sell the VTR and buy a duke 620? i was considering an ER6n or a GS 500, but after riding a GS500 today i found it awkward and slow, and the ER has similar specs. so im not keen on one of these.
    with the duke what sort of fuel economy can i expect around the city and what is the feasibility of servicing it myself? i know alot people here are duke haters but i thought it would be worth a try???
    any thoughts would be really appreciated.

  2. I've riden both the GS500 (My ex's so put a fair few kays on it) and test rode a VFR400 for about an hour.

    Whilst I found the GS500 comfortable it was far from exciting and rather boring to ride. Compared to the VFR it's a bit slower/heavier in the steering.

    VFR: I couldn't keep the grin off my face. More than enough power and light, nimble and easy to throw around.

    On the test ride I ventured to a closed road where suddenly I found myself doing 170 without even realising and was like wtf I'm only in 4th. Probably the first powerful bike I've ridden so I can't compare it to anything else but I think they'd make an awesome weekend weapon if your light.
  3. Ummm, what? Not only does the ER6n have more power and torque than the GS500, it's also got more power and torque than a Monster 620 AFAIK... I wouldn't count it out.
  4. well mabye the ER6n has more power on the books, but...
    its 20 kilos heavier than the monster. the Montser 620, 6 speed, 46.7kw version which i want to get not the 5speed lite or IE, assupose to the ER6n 50kw and its a parralelle twin, not a V twin, meaning useable torqe is higher up the rev range. i just really wasn't impressed with the GS 500 (which is a paralell twin) this morning. my VTR was quicker (before you say bullshit i mean at legal speeds, and ive upped the final drive ratio).
    but thanks for the comments, and sorry but im not in on the arcronym lingo so please inform me AFAIK means? but i'll take the ER6 for a spin when i can.
    cheers again
  5. AFAIK - As Far As I Know
  6. I'd ride an ER6n before you write it off. There's about 20 years in development advances between the GS500 and ER6n.
    You can't generalise just because both bikes are parallel twins. You'll find the ER6n a lot lighter and faster revving. It'll also be a lot more flickable to ride than the GS500.
    The monster 620 gets bad reviews from the Euro bike press. The engine isn't great. If you want a monster, get an 800cc or more one.

    Alternatively, why not look at an SV650? Very sporty ride, they rev hard.
  7. yeah i have to say i assumed that the ER6 and the gs500 were very similar after reading off the web. the reason why i like the ducati is simply because i like v twins and steel frames, and i was curious about the VFR since they seem by all accounts a quick and agile bike, ive heard alot of people talk about the SV650, i thought it was more of a rally tourer?
  8. Are you looking at LAM's bikes?
    If so forget the VFR because it aint LAM's.
    RVF is, and the price is rediculous. At the same price as a brand new one of the others they are very poor value.