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VF750F project

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by bikeboy, Jun 9, 2013.

  1. So I pick up an '83 VF750F that was close, and the right price. The PO says it ran, but had a low speed misfire. I can work with that I reckon.


    She's a little rough around the edges, but that's what a project is right?

    While I wait for a new battery I decided to open the carbs to see what condition they were in. Obligatory before shot:


    Anyway, when I opened them up, they were bone dry, and only had a slight film of filtered rust. Pulled the jets and they were fine too, so I pulled the rack apart and gave them a going over with the glass-bead blaster after taping them all up. I'll replace the caps later.

    and after, fitted up again:


    I gotta say I was expecting all sorts of hassle removing and installing these, but in the end it was all quite painless. I've had more trouble with the CB900 and the airbox issue. I did have to remove them once to re-fit the throttle cables tho. Won't make that mistake again.

    Lesson #1. Test any replacement parts before refurbishing them:


    I used a spare pair of cb1100 calipers on the front while I attack the VF's, so I just assumed the rear would work as well. Not so. There is a clearance issue with the mounting points and they don't bolt up.

    On another note, I got her running :) I have an audio file on my phone, just need to figure out how to download it :-(

    So having established it as a runner, its time to start dismantling. An hour or 2 later and you get to this stage:


    and of course every project motor needs a stand while you work on it:


    so onwards and upwards ;-)

    Gee I really like these gold boomerangs but bugger me the hubs are a pain to clean and repaint!


    mmmm. Fresh powder coating :cool:


    Did the rear wheel today. Spent an hour or 2 masking to paint the hub. Didn't come up as well as the front, but it'll do me.


    I'm hoping the cam/valve/head covers be removed with the motor in the frame?


    I'm having a spare set polished, but don't want it to hold me up when I re-install the motor. I realise there are implications for setting valve clearances if the motor has to be out, so I'm hoping they'll come off in-frame.


    Attached Files:

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  2. The inside of the tank was pretty manky. I had to take it in to a locksmith because none of the keys I have would open it. Wasn't all that impressed when I got to look inside.

    On the other hand, it gave me an opportunity to try the electrolysis method to remove all the rust.


    Something must be working because its bubbling away quite nicely.

    Also had a chance to paint the fork lowers with satin black epoxy while I wait for my fork seals and the rubbers for the anti-dive mechanism.


    a few more days of this and I'll pour out the solution and see how successful it was.


    My son came over today, and we were looking for things to do ;)


    as you can see, things are getting tight in the shed, but we have a roller.


    ... then I realised I should have fitted the chain-slider before installing the swing arm :rolleyes:

    Have a spare tank to help position those decals, and the sidecovers are straightforward, but had to make a stencil to help me align the tail piece stripe


    now all I have to do is match the blue paint. Having the PPG code didn't work out in the end. Seemed to be the only Honda blue my paint guys didn't have on computer :-(

    Damn it! trying to chase a few powdercoated threads and broke my first ever tap. Time to bust out all those internet handy hints on how to get the sucker out :(


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  3. that looks awesome :) keep up the great work
  4. Great work Ian. Look forward to the final results.
  5. Man - how do you kick off post #1 with a project 3/4 done already???

    I think I saw that VF for sale - was it an eBay find?

    Anyway - another 80's Honda for the collection - well done.
  6. I cheated uncle ;). It's been sitting around for awhile.

    Yes, it was indeed an ebay find. Got it for a good price, and for once it wasn't an interstate bike. Nice and local.

    yeah, I think I've found my niche :)

  7. Amazing post - keep it up mate......watching with interest :D
  8. Had to use an Isolator coat on the lower cowl because due to its flexibility (I guess) it's painted with a different type of paint that reacted badly with my Acrylic primer. I've run across this before primarily with front mudguards made from a similar plastic, and you have to remove all traces of the old paint before priming. This piece was a more complicated molding and I wasn't sure I could get it all, so an Isolator primer was recommended by my paint guy. He reckons the original finish was most likely enamel, and incompatible with the acrylic.


    Man there's a lot of parts to paint on these things. And I haven't included the tank here!


    Should get to shoot the base coat tomorrow. [​IMG]

  9. The old vf 750!
    I remember watching these things go round Oran park with gardner , wayne clark and wally cambpell back in the day.
    I think its a great bike to rebuild, I was impressed with your cb 900 so I will keep an eye on this one.

    Good luck with it.

    Do the 750s have the same cam gear drive as the vf 1000rs? as I know they where troublesome.
  10. I was impressed with them at the time as well. Just took a while to get my hands on one;)


    The first generation were chain drive, with gears introduced around '86 (I think?)

    As far as I can tell, the issue was with poor lubrication rather than drive mechanism. There are a number of oil mods around that address this, but inspection of my cams seems to suggest I've dodged a bullet ;)


  11. Yeah, but it's a biatch to do the fronts because the clearance between the head stem and rocker cover is just enough to wiggle out but you'll always scratch cover+frame. Better to do that job engine out if possible, or just be super slow and careful and wrap a rag around the contact point on the frame.

    You should paint it chocolate, but. Miracle that one of these is still on the road, probably has VFR heads. Check the clearance between the camshafts and their journals before you go spending too much cash on it. Rattle rattle boom.
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    Last edited: Jun 29, 2013
    Got a chance to apply the red stripe decals to all the panels:



    Then it was on to masking off the white areas


    Then finally the blue paint:


    Got the wings to put on the tank later, then some clear coats when this has had a chance to cure.

    In the meantime - unmasked:


    I like painting ;)
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  13. I can keep you busy painting if you ever run short - I'm generous like that.

    Looking good. Going all original this time around?
  14. Yep. As close as I can get. Unfortunately none of the 'usual suspects' do the aussie market decals, so I've had to go with the US interceptor scheme. Colours are the same, but decals are a bit different. I can justify that as giving the bike a point of difference ;)
  15. Getting closer. Just need some time to cure, and then clear coat ;)

  16. Sweet job - you want to be careful or we will all be lining up for paint work.
  17. Ah now - did you see the VF1000F and the VF1000R on eBay last week?

    Neither of them sold and both were reasonably priced - they may re-list even cheaper yet...
  18. You're a beast!

  19. Yeah, I was watching both of those ;) The 1000F I was watching sold for a very reasonable $1500, but the 1000R I saw failed to reach reserve. Looked a bit hairy around the edges, but no real deal-breakers. I tell ya, it's getting harder to stay focused with distractions like these popping up all the time :(

  20. I'd say he's well in-tune with the restorer's psyche o_O