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Vespa lx125

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by newscooter, Oct 4, 2006.

  1. Hi all, I am new as of about 5 mins ago. looking at new scooter for commuting. Have my heart set on the Vespa. I can buy many other 125's for about $2000 less. Can anyone convince me that I am doing the right thing buying the Vespa?

  2. Why need convincing? Some of the best purchases are made with the heart.

    I say go for what you want, not what you think would make more sense. ;)
  3. I seem to have everybody telling me that
  4. I hear ya honey, I am veering between various CCs in Vespas, a Mojito...then yesterday I got very excited about a Piaggio X9 250. Suddenly a completely different aesthetic enters the fray!

    One day I will just buy something!!!!!
  5. Well, decision made. A Vespa it is. Already ordered and they are throwing in some gear as well. Now I have the wait to get my Ls. Might see if I can get in earlier.
  6. Congrats!
  7. newscooter.. regardless of what scooter you get plz oh plz get some decent bike gear..i've seen way too many gents and ladies on scooters with open face helmet and open shoes..may be trendy and convenient and silk shirts may be nice but against the road...well you do the maths
  8. i'd so love to test ride a scooter..Vespas are still metal shelled right?
  9. Vespa

    Well done. I have decided Vespa has won my heart too, but I am going to save for a little bit longer and go the 250. It will only take my tax return plus another month.

    So I'm booking in for my Ls and gearing up.

    (Yes, they're still metal.)
  10. I will certainly make sure that I have good protective gear. You only live once. The Vespa certainly do still have a metal body. No tubes covered in plastic. One of the reasons I went for the Vespa along with the fact that it IS a Vespa. The day won't come quick enough when I get to have my first ride. Metalpetal, I hope you get your 250 soon. I don't think my tax return for the next ten years would cover a 250 for me.
  11. Ooooh - the tax return is just a wee top-up, believe me.

    You have fun - can't wait to hear about your adventures!!!
  12. Happy to say I have taken delivery of mt Vespa and got my L plates. Having a ball riding to work. Wishing I lived a bit further away. It's only 8km.
  13. Happy to say I have taken delivery of my Vespa and got my L plates. Having a ball riding to work. Wishing I lived a bit further away. It's only 8km.
  14. The Vespa is going great. Had my first ride in the rain this week. It's a different experience. Always wear my jacket when riding but now that the warmer weather is here I don't fancy keeping it on while not riding and it's too bulky to carry around. Does anyone know of a rack and top box that will fit other than the genuine Vespa accessory? Looking for a cheaper alternative.
  15. Congrats on the progress newscooter. You should be able to fit Givi or similar top boxes (seem to be about half the price of Vespa genuines).
  16. newscooter,

    glad your enjoying the new scoot. its a really great feeling isnt it?!

    check out the R-Jays top boxes. they are a generic type that are a basic matte black and come with a mounting bracket for the rear rack.

    i paid $99 which is the RRP.


    having said all that, i dont know if the generic mounting brackets will fit on Vespas as they have that chrome rear rack. you'll have to just go to a bike store and ask them. if it wont fit then your probably going to be stuck with one of the more fancy ones like Vespa original or Givi both of which are very expensive.