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Vespa LX

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by jigme, Feb 9, 2006.

  1. Hi.
    My buddy is going to buy this scooter.
    Anyone own one, know of what they are like, or have any information on the rad-it-tude of such a bike?


  2. The LX comes in 50, 125 and 150cc versions. Which one is he getting?
  3. Does it come with matching handbags?
  4. Nice one....how do you come up with such witty comments?
  5. He's getting the 50cc version and no, as much as he's complaining about it, it doesn't come with a handbag.
    I thought that kinda thing was standard. They jack the price up anywhere they can.
    And relax Duffman, everyone knows a scooter is a special D&D item with +10 to Pisstake. Just accept it and move on, or get ur Broadsword with 10+ Smiting and step up to the plate :LOL:
  6. And we have a contender.

    Doofman reels back.. shaken and on the ropes.
  7. So, do you need 5 ranks in the ride- scooter skill to go with that so you can ride the scooter while wearing +5 armor of recycled hyundai without an negatives on your ride checks?

  8. 50cc scooters are slow.. you have to be prepared for that.. 60km/h is usually not comfortably done. Vespas are nice but..
  9. they are wicked, but you do notice the small wheels at high speeds.
  10. oh for sure.. but they are 12" not 10" like the old LXers. These are big scooters eh.. Ive had a quick buzz on the GT (a trade in they had for sale at the dealer) it was pretty kick ass for a scooter. My scarab has 16" wheels.. dead stable at 80km/h feel very safe. The 100cc version is suppose to do 90-100.
  11. Hey the new Scarab 500 that was at the motorcycle show in Milan a couple months back is they one i want. looks wicked. As they said in the Scooter magazine, Aprilia have finally realised that people want high powered scooters that aren't massive Maxi's. I've got a SportCity and the big wheel scoots (like Scarab and SportCity) are definitely the go with our crappy roads hey.

    But yeah the GT250 is a hoot around the city thats for sure, and it looks fantastic (if you like that old school Vespa style). I'm pretty sure i'll keep my SportCity when i buy a "proper" bike cause i love scooters around town. Would have got the Scarab 250 if funds allowed, they are a great bike and by all accounts the 50 and 100 are really good too.
  12. yeah, Im glad I started off on a scooter. They are more fun than people give them credit for.. I still ride mine if Im going into Town or to the gym.. only need a small strip of bitumen to park the sucker.