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VESPA Import problems HEEEEEELP

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by jonathonmason, Sep 17, 2009.

  1. Hey.

    Pretty much so far dealing with Australian customs importing a Vespa from Indonesia has been absolute hell. The registration papers I have recieved from Indonesia states the VIN number is VBC1. However this apparently does not come up in there system. I have sent them the VIN numbers for the vespas as from reserch i have worked out it should be VBC1T. They are,

    1975 Vespa Super 150cc VIN VBC1T-332793
    1973 Vespa Super 150cc VIN VBC1T-179533
    1973 Vespa Super 150cc VIN VBC1T-309682

    Australian customs still says that because the 'T' is not on the rego papers then they cannot grant approval.

    I have heard from hundreds of people about the horror of importing scooters ... Any advice? There has to be someone out there that has had the same problem!

    Should I just start again and submit a new import approval?


  2. Welcome to NR.
  3. What does your import approval say? I'd say the import approval and rego paper dont match, hence the reason it's being held.
  4. Hi
    i have just bought a 1973 Vespa
    its a 0.088L 3 speed, it has been registered in the UK and i have the import Docs from when it came over.
    can i register it in Australia and how do i go about doing so?

  5. Mate you have asked the same question in two different threads now. Ring your local government roads and traffic authority and ask them.