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Vespa GTS250

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by rainman, Dec 19, 2005.

  1. anyone managed to take one of these for a run ? I am curious as to how it cruises at 100km/h and if it can pass cars on the highway going from 100 to 120 with confidence.

  2. i've taken one round the block but not out on the freeway. It was really nice on the short run i had, but i only got to about 80km/hr but there was obviously lots of go left in it. They are heavy (well, more so than i expected) for a scooter and they are big buggers too. I'd get one, if not for the price.

  3. there's also a review in the Two Wheels 2006 Yearbook.
  4. I read a review of it a while back, he said it was great, but a bit heavy. It certainly looks the goods, and should go pretty well too.
  5. what was the sticker price mate ?

    I have a pdf copy of a uk scooter mag (twist and go) that said it had pretty long legs.. easy up to 120 with on of the guys getting it to 148 indicated down a hill
  6. $8600 + orc

    Too much...
  7. yes, very expensive.. but resale should be pretty healthy on these suckers..
  8. Very flattering review of the GTS250ie in this quarter's two wheels:scooter #7.
    He was doing 135kph on Sydney's M2 & it had more left in it.
    Glowing review all round, makes me want one - but I don't have the $8790+orc :(
  9. I've ridden a 2001 Vespa 200 or 250. Can do two-up, and still ok acceleration.

    Also know that the owner had it going above the 110km/h mark. (well maybe a little bit more).

    Given that i can get a 4 stroke 100cc up to 100km/h, the bigger engine can do it a bit easier.

    Unfortunately, didn't think the asking price was worth it, so friend didn't get a newer vespa.
    Jeep Liberty Specifications
  10. Bloody lovely scoot to ride

    It has the same engine as the X9-250 only now with fuel injection not much room under the seat but you pull out the bucket and have easy access to the motor

    Great bike :) :)