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Vespa GT200 or GTS250, is the extra $1,000 worth the money..

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by NZKiwi, Mar 31, 2006.

  1. Ok, only two choices left now...its between the GT200 and GTS250.

    Is the Vespa 250 worth the extra funds compared to the Vespa GT200... If so why?

    Any assistance welcome. I am aware of the differences between both scooters but would still like to hear some views.

    Thanks NZKiwi :)
  2. There must be some advice...

    Hi all, there must be some advice out there, getting down to the wire where I need to decide what to do...any assistance welcome...

  3. Well i don't know anything about the two but it all comes down to what you need.
    Will you use the extra power ?
    Will you use the extra features whatever they are ?

    I mean if you dont really find the features usefull or interesting then i would stick with the cheaper model.
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  5. same !!

    the GTS250 is pretty special !!

    All reviews i've read about it says its awesome !

    They are pretty quick also !!!
  6. Micky lets go 4 a ride now im bored been for a big ride already
  7. Hey NZKiwi...

    I have ridden both the GT200 and the GTS250...

    They both have pros and cons but I think at the end of the day I would rather the 200... I found it to be a bit more willing up at the 100kph mark..

    Both are really great rides.. the 250 being a lot quieter and possibly a bit smoother in the lower speeds (not by much!)

    There is a bit of debate about which bike gets the fuel economy better but other than that... I think it really just boils down to which scooter looks more appealing.. bad as that sounds... there is little else between the two...

  8. hi mate,

    yeah what do you want to do with it?
    i would think the 250 would be that little more comfortable on the freeway than the 200. Would also be better for a cruise through the country.
    But if your only going to be in the city then the 200 will be more than enough.

    if you feel like your 150 doesnt have enough power then go for the 250 because if you already want more power then you'll end up wanting more again soon enough.

    have you ridden both? that would be the place to start.
  9. come along next friday !!