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News Vespa Appeal Leads The Scooter Market

Discussion in 'Motorcycling News' at netrider.net.au started by NetriderBot, May 12, 2015.

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    Official FCAI figures released this month show Iconic Italian brand, Vespa, firmed as Australia's favourite scooter, out selling all other scooter brands in the market YTD. The result is a big endorsement of Vespa's continued popularity and a compliment to our increasingly fashionable cosmopolitan lifestyle.

    Vespa sells well in the Australian market and significantly expanded range and major upgrades to key models sees the brand now holding the No.1 position. The introduction of the new Primavera in 50, 125 and 150 capacities provided momentum last year that has carried strong sales into 2015. Primavera, based on a totally new chassis design and utilising similar styling to the brilliant 946 is now the best selling model of the range. Sprint 150, a larger wheel variant and developed on the same small frame chassis platform, offers a sportier variant, while the introduction for the first time of a larger frame GTS in the 150 capacity fills a gap between the smaller framed Primavera and Sprint models and the large frame, high capacity GTS 250 and 300s. The introduction of ABS and Traction control across the 300 models has also contributed to keeping sales strong where other brands have fallen away.

    With the venerable PX model and the Ultimate in Vespa, the 946 Bellissima, offering refined variants of the brand, there is Vespa for everyone.

    Vespa are currently running a free on roads promotion for select Vespa models including PX 150, Sprint 150, GTS 150 and GTS 250.

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  2. I won a 150 Primavera in June. Hadn't been on a bike for 4 yrs (last one a BMW F650GS) and have been really happy. Commuting into city is great and I have a windy road back up into the hills on the way home. Just enough power to be fun and handles really well.
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  3. I'd not mind a nice colourful vespa for riding around town :)