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Very Very Tall Riders + New bike = trouble?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by evilooliver, Feb 13, 2006.

  1. Hi everyone :cool:
    My name is Oliver, and I am going (when i can afford it) to buy my first bike. Essentially i will have $6-8K to spend on a mtrbke, and will have to pay for my own maintence.

    The main problem is I'm 17 (turning 18 soon) and i'm 6"4' :roll: (192cm), which could be a problem.

    Will a suzuki GS500F be appropiate? :?: (Is it too small) Can motorbikes take my height? Should i be considering a car (grumbles)? I prefer sports bikes with a cone (not the external headlamp style), and not too powerful. :!:

    :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: Are there any motorbike riders my height that could please send a reply regarding my problem? Is it safe for us on the road? Is our centre of gravity too heigh for the road?

    Thanks guys for your help, i am really grateful for the infomation :grin: :grin:
  2. Hey Oliver, I am 6'4" too, and I own a GS500E. Its a great bike for people our height. That and the Kawasaki ER-5. You will have problems on a 250cc sports bike, but Suzuki bandit and across are a better fit than most, but they are not as comfy as the GS500 in my opinion. I love mine, and the extra cc's mean that when you trade up, it isn't as big a jump as it is from a 250. Your centre of gravity won't matter unless you have a head made of lead. Being tall can be usefull when peering over cars to see whats ahead, but there are no real advantages or disadvantages to being tall on the road. Buying a bike that fits is another matter! I feel your pain. You wont have these problems when buying a larger capacity bike. Happy shopping, hope this helps.
  3. Thanks for your help + confidence mate.
    Oliver :cool:
  5. There is nothing worse that being uncomfortable on a bike. I tried a Yamaha Zeal when I was looking to buy a bike. I loved it, but it was like a mini bike under my arse. Tall riders are seriously overlooked in the learner market, but thankfully in NSW larger capacity bikes are an option. Bear in mind that you need to set about $1500 to $2000 of your budget aside for decent riding gear. It would be best to buy the gear with your bike (if you buy in a shop) as you will get the best discounts, and you can haggle like mad. When are you looking to do your L's?
  6. Hello again
    I've only got a few hundred in savings, and i'm doing my HSC so i'm not allowed to get a job untill after it ( Nov-Dec). I'm hoping i can work my arse off over the few months (start of jan onwards) before UNI and pay for one. Keeping in mind here (Sydney) you only keep our L's for 6 months, i have a bit of a bumby long road ahead. I may get my L's mid next year. I have also found that the LAM limits the number of bikes you can get, but i would not really go from a bicycle to a superbike lol.
    Thanks for your help mate,
  7. Hey man, welcome.
    im in the exact same position (cept you got 3 inches on me lol *height people lol* ) i was seriously thinking the GS500F but i found the Hyosung GT250R absolutely perfect, full size bike, sporty look i wanted, brand new for $6500 + on roads and so damn comfy, all the other 250's, with the LAMs, were too small so check out the Hyosungs. im doing my HSC too and getting my Ls in 2 weeks today lol also in sydney, PM me and lemme know what happens, i'd love a fellow newb to start off with, hope this helps.
  8. Good luck with the plan, hope it all works out. Believe me, nothing can remove the huge grin from your face when you ride your new purchase home. Just as well full face helmets hide it from public view! I am off my P's in May, and I will then be shopping again for something with a bit more grunt. I cant wait! Keep us posted on how its all going.
  9. I origionally turned away from the Hyosungs bc Ralph said they started at $10K (the one where its LAM then you zoop it up once you have your full licence). I will have a look and put it under the consideration list, thanks for your help
  10. Yeah thats the GT650R that a learner legal with a restrictor, after restrictions you just take it off, but the GT250R is awsome :D
  11. Does everyone feel 100% safe on their motorbike? Do you follow the RTA suggestion on safety (from the MRH)?
  12. i feel 99.99% safe with my own riding, it the damn target on my back and other people on the roads that i have a problem with
  13. I am 6'2, but have a long torso, medium legs but short arms. I ride a sv650s, and find it pretty good. I think i will put some higher bars on it (short arms) btu otherwise its pretty good. I liked the feel of the gs500, but wanted the bigger vtwin.
  14. If you don't feel 100% safe in whatever situation you are in, then you will alter your riding to suit, by slowing down, changing lane position or changing lane, etc. You will learn to ride defensively and anticipate potential dangers when you do your L's and P's.
  15. Hi Oliver,

    I am 6'2" and based in Victoria so bike choice is very limited for me. I looked at a lot of 250's and the only ones that came close to fitting me without feeling like I was riding a monkey bike were the Honda VTR250 and the Hyosung's.

    So if you can pick up a Hyosung GT650 LAMs this would be a great choice for a first bike. Would even consider the GT250 uses less fuel and cheaper insurance. You will want to save any money you can, sigh remembers being young girls, beer, parties it is expensive :grin: :grin:

    The gear is critical don't take shortcuts here. I chose my budget first then worked out what the gear was going to cost and then what was left over I spent on a bike. I figured I will upgrade the bike at some stage but the gear will last me for years and years.

    Anyway welcome to the forum Vtwins rock.
  16. Not sure if this would be learner legal, but a 600ish cc trail bike with road tyres might be an option for you. I'd say try riding one and see how you like it - opens up a whole other class of bikes for you.