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very very new to all this

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by unwritten_kay, Aug 5, 2006.

  1. ok..
    so i have NO idea about anything to do with motorcycles. literally. not a thing!!! but i want to ride.
    i dont know how. i dont know where to start. i want to learn about them first before i try... i want to know things.
    i want to ride!! but i dont know a bloody thing about motorbikes.
    so if you could help me.. i would appreciate it... ta!!

  2. Well starting here is a great move - welcome! Do a search on topics you're interested in - you're sure to find an answer. Or ask around here - you'll get answers :)
  3. You could try Honda Australia Rider Training, their number is 9144 5725.

    They're at St Ives and have courses for people such as yourself.
  4. Firstly welcome!

    Secondly, the learner rider training course seems to be fairly handy at teaching people to ride. It's for absolute learners. kinda thing like "here's the throttle" and "this is the brake lever"

    So yeah, that's a good start. Oh and feel free to ask any questions and the good people here will do their best to answer them.
  5. i agree. i had never riden a bike before (only pillion) and they teach you absoloutley everything. and you learn a lot from reading the forums...
  6. HRT are awesome and anything you are unsure about ask in here or find a good mate with a bike , welcome to the world of two wheels
  7. my friend on his Ls said i should go to stay upright or something like that? he says its mandatory? is that a course, or do i have to know how to ride first?
  8. yeah it is mandatory to get your l's but you dont have to know how to ride you start by pushing your bike around to get feel of it with out engine running etc so it is very beginer go and book yourself in you use there bikes at first then yours to do p's
  9. you dont have to know how to ride first. you have to do the course before you get your l's. it is designed for people that have never riden before, like yourself. they teach you everything. go into your local rta to pay and book in for the course.
  10. To get your L's you have to successfully complete the pre learner course then pass the RTA knowledge test.

    You can do the course at Stay Upright or HART, maybe somewhere else too?

    If you're a bit nervous about being put on the spot with a bunch of other people around they have other courses you can do to learn to ride a bit before you do the pre learners course.
  11. It's a mandatory rider training course you need to go on to get your L's.

    I believe it's called Ride it right or something similar. It is required for new riders in NSW. It's an absolute beginners course so don't worry too much about experience, it's tailored for those who have none.
  12. Welcome!
    It sounds to me that you want to prepare yourself as much as possible before attempting to ride...yes? If this is the case your best bet is to rock to one of our coffee nights (See NSW events forum) and actually talk to riders face to face.
    The bad news is that you won't REALLY know if riding is for you until you get your L's, buy a bike and go for a burn down Parramatta Rd.
    From what you've said I would definatly get to one of our meets or track down a rider in your area. Best way to learn....
  13. To get your licence you have to book in thru the RTA, see for details:

    HART and Stay upright are the 2 most common training centres that the RTA will book you into to do you pre-learners course, which one you use is in part up to you and in part where you live and what is available.

    After the pre-learners you get a piece of paper that entitles you to do a road knowledge questionaire, hand over money and you end up with your Learners licence. :grin:

    Then you just need a bike to practice on :cool:
  14. oh my goodnesss...
    thankyou so much!!! you all rock!!!! i cant wait!!!!! thankyou!!!!!!!!!!! you helped me so much!! you rock!!! ta!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. YOURE WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. Indeed to all these other wise souls have said, but also if you come out to one of our social events you may well score a pillion ride on someone's bike and get a better idea of the sounds and sensations...

    and that will make your desire to ride even worse :LOL:
  17. You're welcome

    I went through that whole learner process not long ago myself... a month or so. Complete new learner, they took care of me very well up at Loftus.

    Now I'm up and riding, though I'm still taking it fairly easy.

    It's great. I also have picked up a wealth of knowledge from this here forum.

    Also, I remember when I went though all this... like it was yesterday... well last moth at any rate :p
  18. Hello and welcome to an ever increasing OBSESSION hahaha
  19. HART in victoria offer free 1 hour bike intros - a try before you buy into it all. haven't spoken to anyone that has done one. Don't know if they offer the same in syd.
  20. As the guys said, come along to a coffee night have a chat ,sit on some bikes there is ,normaly about 5 learner bikes and see what you like.

    But book NOW for you L's course ,there getting busyer every day ,"might" take you 4 weeks + to get a lesson.
    As the other said ,you go to a L's course never even seeing a bike before ,they teach you every thing and it's fun ,best fun i had for $70 ,better then any ride at luna park.

    Oh and welcome.