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Very strange noise!

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' at netrider.net.au started by Rapson, Sep 15, 2012.

  1. Hey Guys, after a little advice as to what you may think this noise is from.
    To start the bike is a 2006 Suzuki GSX750F with 77000km's on it.
    It has developed a strange sound which is very hard to describe, like squirriling, or a swirling sound.
    Only happens when decelerating, stops when i accelerate and also stops when I pull in the clutch. No noise when just ideling.
    With the Km's on the bike something is obviously worn, I just need to find out what! I was thinking clutch so I replaced the friction plates with no change. I also replaced the clutch cable a few months back as the old one gave out. Also recently replaced the front and rear brake discs and pads.
    Any insight or pointers of where to look next would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Have you checked your chain & sprockets?
  3. Thanks Streetmaster. I was just trolling through the other threads here and you could be on the money. With the k's on the bike a new set wouldnt go astray. Might give that a go next week. Cheers.
  4. Check for wear (hooking) on both sprockets.
    Chain for any stiff links, worn rollers & well lubed + adjusted properly.
    If any of this is found, replace as a set.
    Don't bother with going for a cheap set or alloy sprockets, they don't last.
    Stick with RK, DID etc.
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  5. Streetmaster you were spot on. Spent a few bucks on some kero and gave the chain a good going over, removed a few plates and got rid of all the muck I could fine and hey presto no more noise!!!
    The smaller sprocket looks a bit worn and a few of the links to so I will put a new chain and sprockets on the list.
    Thanks mate!
  6. Not a problem (y)