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Very sore arms and numb hands when riding my new CBR600RR

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Omarko, Oct 27, 2008.

  1. hi guys

    I hope I am posting this in the right section. I need some tips please.

    I got my CBR600RR '08 last week and wanted to give it really good spin this week since the weather was just perfect.

    Anyway, I did 500kms on it (about 300kms in the city and about 200kms outside through some nice windy roads) and I loved every minute of it with only few little scares.

    Problem is, my BODY is soooo sore. Last night my arms actually hurt so much I had to take som drugs so I can fall asleep, crazy I know. They are fine this morning.

    Basically I think its because the CBR has the handle bars VERY low and I am maybe not sitting right on it, see my seating position:


    I have not ridden supersport bikes before but I did lot of reading and spoke to many riders etc on what I need to bear in mind and do with these machines. I have been trying to hold my body tight to the tank with my knees, mostly when breaking although I find it super hard NOT to apply pressure on the handle bars when slowing down, especially going down hill going like 60km/h in 2nd gear with throttle closed ... you can just feel the amount of pressure that is applied to the arms and palms.

    When cruising I try to totally loose the arms to relax them and at red lights go into neutral and take the hands off the handle bars and relax them as well. This helps of course but still ... I am so sore. Also, I have quite tight leather gloves and after taking them off, you can literally see the imprints of the seams inside on the hands for like 10-15mins.

    So the question is .. am I doing something wrong or is this ok and all it means it will take few weeks for my body to get used to the way I sit and muscles I use?

    comments / feedback much appreciated.

    thank you
  2. Welcome to sport bikes, even my baby hyo gives me those pains after a day out.

    Try alternating between using ur legs to support ur weight and then ur arms. Sit up when I can and rest Ur back. Umm but yeah it'll hurt regardless due to the amount of weight u r carrying on Ur arms
  3. You might be gripping the handlebars to tightly.
    and you shouldnt put your weight on your wrist.
    bent your elbows and push your weight forward on the bar instead of downwards

    If you want comfort, you've got the wrong bike. I'll buy it from you for $10
  4. what bike did you ride before ??

    you need to use your core muscles.. i.e. stomach and back to keep you upright..
    you should only have a light grip on the bars with your hands.. and should be able to remove your hands altogether and still maintain your position..

    this will take a little time to develop the muscles required.. is often called "ride fitness" ...
  5. Like anything worth getting your leg over, they'll break your balls for a few weeks before you get a good ride...

    annywayyy... it'll take a few weeks for your body to get used to the new demands on it. Muscles that you didn't use to use will now be pressed into service.

    i used to get sore wrists, now i don't.

    just keep riding and it'll get better.

    ...and buy some new gloves.
  6. Two thoughts.
    1 Sit closer to the tank (not so close as to crush the jewels)
    2 Work That 6 pack (Take more weight on your abs and less on your arms)

    An other thought… give me the bike, I’ll be fine on it, I promise
  7. One further thought to add to the two very fine ones above:

    3. 500 kms is a BIG day on a sports bike pretty much any time, but first up it's no wonder you're sore. It's kinda like going first time to the gym and joining a spin class or whatever - a heavy exercise load without preparation. Incorporating all the tips above, plus working into it a bit more gently, and you'll be fine.
  8. Just on the gloves - mine used to leave an imprint of where the armour etc is on my palm. Not sure if it does it anymore, never really bothered me in the first place, but unless you can feel it impinging something or its biting into you I don't think it's a problem.
  9. You are not suited to the bike. Give it to me :LOL:

    Work your core muscles Things like bridging exercises are good (not situps!).
  10. Harden the f**k up.
  11. 300 kms in the city on a sports is gonna nail your back. It would take ages to get used to that sort of punishment. Time will make it easier. I've found that embracing the low crouch position also helps. Sitting up with a straight back and fighting the bike makes it worse. Like you said, hold on with your legs and dig in your heels. Let your upper body relax and slouch slightly.
  12. with 600rrs, the faster your ride, the comfier it gets :LOL:

    Had the same problem in my first year, the key is body positioning and just a matter of time till your back are used to the aggressive riding position. Then it will all schweeeet from there.

    I strongly recommend California Superbike School too if you have a 600rr. You will be glad youre doing it. Goodluck.
  13. Go faster so that you don't notice the pain
  14. Is it possible to raise or flip the clipons, so you lean forward less and put more weight through the seat?

    I find 200km+ on the cbr250 gets uncomfy too.
  15. As we have said before it will help if you get some grips to stick to the side of your tank so your thighs don't slide forward when braking. When braking you need to squeeze your thighs on your tank so your wrists are loose.
  16. Also look at getting tank grips for your knees, the cbr600rr tank is for some reason sleeker than most tanks and is harder to get a good grip, and thus putting more weight on your wrists.
    And has been suggested before 500k's is alot, you really got to work up your riding fitness first.
    Also the bridging ab work out is good for your core strength so try to do 3 x 30secs, proggesivly getting more time in your reps.
  17. thanks thanks and thanks guys ... lots of good tips and I took a note of all of them ... (particularly liked the Harden the #$!@ up! one hehehe)

    I have ordered the grips for the tank so that will hopefully solve the sliding problem I am experiencing. Otherwise than that, I guess its the more practice the more the body gets used to the bike.

    I dont think the pegs are adjustable, I'll have a look but I am gonna stick with the current set up for now and see how it feels over the next few weeks.

    Im also gonna look into few classess like California Superbike school, when I was out there this weekend, I have picked up 1 or 2 cornering mistakes right away but not sure how to correct them so I will make sure I know what Im doing before I try it again next time.

    All up its A LOT OF FUN and I love every minute of being back on two wheels :)

    thanks again for all the inputs ... really appreciate it :)
  18. $25 and i will pick it up too.. :)
  19. I find this applies to many things:

    "Go faster so that you don't notice the cold"

    "Go faster so that you don't notice the heat"

    "Go faster so that you don't notice the dullness (of a particular road)"