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Very small workshop on Flinders Street?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by QuarterWit, May 14, 2011.

  1. I was walking to work the other day and walked past a tiny little workshop towards the western end of Flinders street, where the Flinders street station ends and just near Doherty's Gym...


    That's pretty much the extent of it in that photo. There's a rolling frame for a hard tailed chopper on the far left, something considerably more boring stripped down in the middle and parts everywhere. I've seen some very clean R1's and things like that parked out the front of the place but figured the trackpant/bumbag crowd from the gym owned them. Didn't notice the store until I walked past.

    Anybody know if there might be something interesting going on?
  2. With the amount of bike theft going on in Melbourne at the moment I wouldn't reveal the address of this place...........but, I think its the manager/owner of the gym.

    PS. If anyone is offered a very cheap WRF250 that seems to be a "too good to be true bargain" please punch them in the mouth then ring me then ring the police. Hopefully the police will get there first and I wont go to jail for murder.
  3. looks all a bit too fishy to me.

    i mean it doesnt look like a commercial garage/workshop as theres not enough equipment and too many parts laying around. looks more like theyre in the business of dismantling,but its a heck of a place to have a wreckers? due to the amount of parts on the floor and in boxes suggests they get brought in and taken to bits, then with the big bottle of thinners in the middle of the floor they get a wipe down before being packaged for sale.

    plus with the amount of bikes that do get nicked, they have to end up somewhere.

    as i said... a bit fishy, but what do you do? tip off crimestoppers?ignore it completely, or start asking questions?could be completely legit, but theres no way of knowing.
  4. I don't think it's anything too dodgy and I don't really have a problem in telling people where it is - it was lit up like a christmas tree the other day and that photo was taken through two large, clear double doors that face flinders street. On the weekend several bikes are wheeled out the front and put on race stands. If it's subtlety they're after, they've failed!

    By something interesting, I wasn't implying anything was flogged or anything (My bad for wording it badly) but if it's a new workshop/custom thing somebody is trying to start up.
  5. ahh, probably sound then.

    but the place could do with a tidy up!
  6. might explain why they have little customers.
  7. I was going to say: If they are a chop shop it seems like a rather obvious and expensive place to rent...
  8. Security in unobscurity? :p And there's lots of bikes parked within a few k's of each other in the CBD, so you could get a decent throughput...
  9. Looks like it's in one of the Banana Alley vaults.
    Some nice underground tunnels run from the vaults to the Westgate bridge/freeway and they were used when the tolls were in place on the bridge to transport the $. Who know's what they are now used for......................
  10. The last FitX fitness expo had four or five Doherty's gym choppers on display so I would assume that Tony Doherty is a fan of them and that may explain the workshop just near the gym.
  11. Yup there a bunch of yellow R1's, CBR1000, 250's inside the gym lining the walls. Apparently the owner loves bikes.
  12. Ah, okay. 'Spose you can't buy taste!
  13. The age of Hooper, of the cashed-up bogan.
  14. Source??

    I ask mainly because they would be bloody long tunnels and a bit of a waste when armoured cars can do the same job.

    There's the tunnels from the parliament building but also the little known tunnels under each footpath in the CBD which has most of the infrastructure running in them (phone, gas, water, etc).

    I knew about the tunnel that linked the middle of the road toll booths and then over to the old admin building to save crossing the freway to move te money around but have never heard of the WGB to city tunnels??

    There is also the rumour that the small city bound KFC used the old tunnels to ship the food over from the bigger out bound KFC which KFC has continually denied.
  15. If they are a chop shop then they obviously are a fan of the Bin Laden hide and seek formula. Forget hiding in an uncomfortable mountain cave, why not live in luxury close to your enemy :)............
  16. since i work at the outbound kfc although not for very long, i'm pretty sure this doesn't happen...the restaurant manager would never.....

    products are exchanged through kfc but not on a regular basis for example if one store runs out of potato for the potato and gravy then it is exchanged

    chicken products are almost never exchanged
  17. If I take in some beads and shells will they exchange them for a family meal?
  18. i was a member of that gym until recently and my old cbr250rr is currently in there. sold it to a good bloke from the gym.

    the gym manager al has a spare half a vault, which he works on damaged r1's, turns them into trackbikes/road bikes and sells them. also has a soft spot for harleys/choppers i believe.

    the location is right but i dont think it matters, the gym is a 24 hour gym and if anyone ever tried to break in there i think they would regret it about 30 seconds after attempting it ;) few big blokes in there.

    also, i was in there probably well over 50 times, and never saw anything resembling a tunnel to the west gate bridge.


    /thread :D
  19. Why not just eat the beads and shells, they'd be better for you :)
  20. Re. the tunnel from the vaults to Westgate - an old family friend who worked as an engineer for the City of Melbourne told me about the tunnels many years ago. Never saw the schematics but posted comment on what I was told.