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Very sad - for first time in 3 months

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by fran_e, Nov 22, 2008.

  1. Just handed over my bike, I didn't expect to feel so lost without a bike to ride. :(
    I just have to remember I have sold it for a reason - new bike coming next week! but that seems sooo far away.... I haven't been more than a day without a ride since I got my licence, which although it isn't that long ago, feels forever!

  2. Just keep thinking how much sweeter it will be when you finally get to ride your nice new one
  3. Is this just a 'girl-thing'?? Or are there fellas out there that get soppy about parting with their beloved beastie, even if it is for an upgrade?

    Feel for you Fran, says she who's very new to m'biking and only able to ride her partner's bike part-time ... but already can't imagine life without one! :shock:
  4. Yes, blokes experience this. I was forced to sell my BMW to solve a tax problem, and I felt like I'd lost a favourite pet. I've even gone to the trouble to track down a much-loved motorcycle I owned in NZ between 1972 and 1978! The bike is still in good hands apparently, and I feel well pleased that she's still okay.

    My current bike is staying right where he is for a good while to come.
  5. Yes it was a sad day when I let my RF900R go down the drive way.
    I wondered where Mrs 2wheelsagain had gone and found her inside crying!

    The buyer rang me a few months later to say he was rapt in it. (like I was). That made me feel better :)
  6. I'm also not thrilled about having to walk to work until I get new ride :?
    My hubby got waved over by a guy one day who said that he was the previous owner of his GPX and wanted a little chat about it. So I don't think it is only a girl thing. :grin:
  7. when i sold the across, i had to ride it to blackburn as the new owner had just got his l's and was too nervous to ride it.

    the bike never went as well as it did that afternoon. it rode like a champ, and yeah, was ver sad to let it go, but it also meant i went nearly 12 months without a bike.
  8. So Fran......do we have to wait until next week, or can you tell us now.....what's the new ride? :?:
  9. LOL Greg - sorry it's a 2008 ER-6f, was supposed to be the 2009 last week, but Kwaka Aust decided at the last minute they aren't going to release the '09s until all the 08s gone, so got a good deal on a 08 but of course have to wait for delivery now. Not to omit the important fact, I chose black :grin:
    I've been too chicken to tell my mum I am upgrading.... will wait and see if she notices it's a diff bike :LOL: :p
    Well next time we meet up for a ride at least I'll be able to keep up :cool:

    Ronin: 12 months!!! now that would be a nightmare.
  10. i also feel your pain, i handed in my gpx to the dealer today and have to wait till my wifes bike arrives before i can ride away on my upgrade as the finances are all packaged together, it's tough but if i can make it 3 days without a bike then anythings possible :p
  11. Alright then....I can feel a ride around the Southern Highlands coming on. :)

    When, and where do we meet guys :?: Your choice!
  12. Definately Greg - will keep you posted :grin:
  13. Dang! I've cried myself to sleep every night since my son bought his bike :grin: .