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Very rare 2006 YAMAHA CBR1200RR.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Eddy, Oct 27, 2008.

  1. So I'm selling my Yamy R1 on Bikesales and after 10 minutes of initiating the ad I get this query,

    Sound dodgy? Well I respond with this, (note the bike details)

    Scammer responds, (now he has a client!)

    This is getting predictable but I'm bored so write back,

    Keenly awaitng photo of said scammer (or scammers client) I get this,

    Not sure what to write next, any ideas on how to bait this guy to get his details/photo? Has anyone else had this happen?

  2. well he now has your email address to sell to all his spamming mates..
  3. thats a bargain for an 06 1200RR. ill snap that up. post up your bank details here and i will wire the money across.

    at least these scammers are easy to spot.
  4. I set up a dodgy hotmail account for this very reason.
  5. I recommend either of the following zip codes

    1337 (cos you totally pwn him)
    5318008 (4th graders and calculators, ah the days).
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  7. a similar thing happened to me when i had my Calibra for sale couple of years ago,

    This is how i played it.

    gave him my prepaid number which i dont use.
    made him call me 10 times pretended i couldnt understand his instruction,
    got him to mail me a cheque for 8000 euros.
    sent him a email to call me
    told him on the phone that i cashed the cheque and thank you heaps but i am keeping the money and he is not getting the car. hung up on him had a giggle gave the cheque to the cops.

    he was a very angry man he called me heaps after that but i would put on some music for him or just leave the phone on the table.

    all in all he spent valuable time trying to play me while i spent some useless time i had on hand to play him. the more time you can waste of these scammers the better it is.

    well that was my experience

  8. YAMAHA CBR1200RR......??????
  9. it was the desmodeci model, ring any bells?
  10. That's hilarious. :LOL:

    Thanks mate, as you say, the more time of theirs folks like you waste, the less time they have to scam someone not so sharp.

    You've got to be careful when buying that model. The flux capacitor often goes at extremely low mileages. Fanging it past 88mph can increase wear considerably. :p

  11. not to forget checking for excessive wear on the scamizan or infact best to get a mechanic to check the whole passonic cassarax
  12. Sent scamboy my 1337 post code.

    I've given him plenty of clues... non existant bike model, "Sucmicok" street name, surely he can't be that thick?
  13. they are surprisngly thick, they just work on a pre made script, and they work on %ages even if they scam .01 of the total number of people they target, they still make at an average of $500 to $5000 per target. that not bad work considering all they are doing is sending out emails from custom made software and a pre made script.
  14. Man honda are going to go bananas when they see that Yamaha have bought out a CBR model

    But it's been out since 2006 so how havn't they caught onto it?????
  15. I thought the Vorlons fixed that production problem?
  16. Not to mention all the Yamaharlies that have been produced over the years, is the CBR1200 the yamaharlie Vmax model? :shock:
  17. I thought they'd have been more careful after the CBR1 and CBR6's came out
  18. So let me get this straight:
    You're selling your bike
    He "wants to buy your bike"
    He's sending you a cheque for payment of the bike.
    You are then to cash the check(you will have the money?)
    And he is then going to get the bike picked up?

    I don't see how its possible to get "scammed" here? hes not taking your money at all is he?
  19. The check will probably bounce. Possibly
    He'll have his addy (cronies rip off house).
    Possibly identity theft.
    etc etc
    Besides, for an English sort of name, he's got abysmal English skills. SCAM!

  20. They give you a cheque for more then the bike is worth then get you to direct debit the difference back... then the cheque bounces.