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Very quick survey :)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by V-meister, Nov 28, 2013.

  1. Hi all

    Further to another thread of mine where I was investigating bike rental shops, it spurred a random idea (not involving businesses) and I would love it if fellow riders would complete this super short survey for me?


    Thanks in advance :)

    (Mods, hope this is ok - my last thread is now in service providers as I was looking for businesses to rent from but here I want to get the opinions of fellow forum members).
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  2. Hi Justus, sorry for any confusion. Let me try and clarify:

    I'm visiting home in Jan and wanted to rent a bike. After investigating rental agency recommendations I thought maybe a fellow rider would be interested in renting or lending their bike to me whilst I'm visiting briefly.

    As a result, most people said they wouldn't rent their own bike but a couple did contact me which I thought was cool. The random idea I had was to survey other riders to see what factors influenced whether they have rented/lent or wouldn't rent/lend their bike to another rider. The last question is to see whether if I orchestrated something like this whether people would be interested to know more. Nothing more than that at this stage (I don't run a business, just a fellow rider that just randomly thought that maybe this could be a smart way to do things, purely from my current experience/situation of visiting home and wanting to ride a bike whilst there).

    Hope this helps, sorry for any confusion...More than happy to clarify further if needed but didn't intend to hide anything. Surveys are best answered when there are no preconceived notions hence I didn't make too much of a big deal about it, just threw it together over a few minutes. Cheers
  3. Sounds like a business idea, rental shops charge an arm and a leg.

    Sourcing bikes coupled with somewhat niche market may pose barriers.
  4. What sort of a tight arse rents a bike to a friend? Surely is would just be borrowed? And if you are renting to strangers, it's a business.
  5. LOL

    Machiavellianism will always be met with transparency... and humour!
  6. Hey all, thanks so much for all the responses. Some good (and largely predictable!) responses...

    Thought I'd update the thread in case anyone was interested in the results.

    Basically, 19% of respondents said that they would consider renting their bike out to another rider.

    The top reasons for not wanting to rent your bike out were:

    1. Can't trust other peoples' riding abilities
    2. Insurance doesn't permit it

    Most wouldn't want to rent/lend their bike to anyone unless it was a friend as a bike is such a personal thing.

    The Mav - you're right, very niche market here and it's probably not practical to implement as most of us riders are very attached to our bikes.

    Even if the insurance piece was addressed by way of a separate policy, adding a potential network filter (ie. only rent to friends and maybe their friends) would limit the supply of bikes and probably the overall demand for such a service.

    Thought it was an interesting exercise and I have been kindly offered the rental of a couple of bikes from fellow forum members whilst I'm in town, so much appreciated! :)