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Very Poor Form...

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by mike8863, Dec 23, 2011.

  1. This is a warning about a certain motorcycle store in Ringwood and Brighton..
    They have a letter and a number in the name, no more need be said...

    Son went in to the Ringwood site the other day looking for a REAR tyre for his recently aquired NSR150..Now these things have an odd size (120/80-17) and there isn't a lot to choose from....As well there's no mistaking its a rear being a single sided swingarm so the rims pretty distinctive....Anyway....this 'store' fits a Pirelli Sport Demon 120/70-17....THIS IS A FRONT TYRE, NOT A REAR TYRE....as well as that, a large chuck of the orange enamel/power coating was chipped off the rim....not happy Jan, on 2 counts...

    The bad news is that the young bloke, whilst he's an ex 125GP rider who was fairly good at his game, is not the most technical person on the planet. You guessed it....he's ridden on it so there's no going back.....

    So this is a warning to fellow riders.....be careful, check everything, when dealing with this 'store'....this was not a mistake, this was a calculated, CBF, take the quick sale....
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  2. very poor form indeed, I would be talking to the Victorian version of Comsumer Affairs anyway
  3. ..if not also whatever motor traders' association you have in Vic, if they're a member.
  4. Doesnt matter if he's ridden on it, as the 'experts' they are supposed to know what they are doing, if its unsafe for road use on the rear he has a claim. Comes under "not fit for purpose".
    They'll say sorry about the chipped rim, but thats what happens sometimes..There will be a sign in the shop saying "all care but no responsibility taken".
    Go down and see them, the tyre may be fine on the rear and if its the only one close in size to the standard fitment theymay have thought they were helping him out.
    If you want to push it, ring the pirelli distributor and talk to them about it first.
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  5. Some front tyres can be fitted as rear provided that the direction of rotation is reversed, it depends upon the tyre design.
  6. Signs can say whatever signs want to say, it's just a sign.
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  7. theres only one store that could be, so you might as well name them.

    hint - really nice bikes there, really REALLY annoying salesman
  8. hint- he's about 4 foot high and everytime you turn around he's RIGHT ****ING THERE.
    even after you leave the store, he's right behind you. there is no escape.
    then later that night, when you want to go to bed, you find yourself checking in the cupboards and under the bed and sleep with the light on
  9. .

    The Pirelli Sport Demon is a cross-ply tyre NOT a radial.

    Therefore front fitting, rear fitting or direction of rotation are irrelevant.

    It's most likely a V rated tyre as well which will be probably 110kmh faster than an NSR150 could ever dream of going.

    What was the take-off? A Cheng-Shin?:roll:
  10. Sport Demon 120/70-17 is listed on the Pirelli website as a FRONT tyre.
    Notice also that front and rear tyres have very different tread patterns.

    Rotation is clearly marked on the tyre with a large arrow and the word 'FRONT'

    Tyre that came off was a Dunlop TT900GP...

    At the end of the day, whats done is done. ( their loss, as we will never buy anything from them again )

    I only posted as a 'heads up' to fellow riders...sharks are out there, only too eager to take a bite out of anyone....

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  11. Take it back and demand they replace it.

    Under the Australian Consumer Law there is an implied term into every contract that the goods supplied will be fit for the purpose for which they were sold. In this case, the 'rear' tyre was sold as a rear tyre but is in fact a front tyre. The tyre sold is not fit for purpose and they will need to replace it. (This is of course assuming that it can't actually be used as a rear which some people are saying it could be.. I don't know, but Pirelli states quite clearly that that tyre is for the front)
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