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Very nice motorcyclist video - for all of us.

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by StRider, Oct 4, 2007.

  1. #1 StRider, Oct 4, 2007
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  2. I thought that was a joke at first
  3. Bit long-winded... but you know... I'm going to start waving back at the kids in cars. They always press up against the windows for me. :)
  4. I always wave at the kids in the cars, it's one of the joys of riding... :cool:
  5. That...

    ... was totally cool! :)
  6. I pulled up near a school bus full of primary age the other day.

    More waves than Bondi beach.
  7. Thanks for posting that . Great clip, I had to share it with my family .....
  8. Always wave back to the little'uns.

    It pleases those parents who are on your side.

    And pisses off those nfi parents who think you're lowlife scum.

    And may just corrupt 1 more vote onto 2 wheels...

  9. Man what more could be said about our shared passion.
    I don't think I have ever seen it expressed so perfectly and with such passion, I am not usre if you created that vid yourself but I would love to share a beer with however did make it. That was absolutely fantastic.

  10. Superb effort that. :cool:
  11. :( wow i wish my mum would see riders in the same light...then she might let me have one at home...:( anyone got a spare room in melbourne and a 250 bandit for sale?
  12. Good find there champ. :grin:

    The kids in the car bit is so so true i ALWAYS wave at them and i think they feel just as much gratitude as i do when you see there face light up like a flood light of joy
  13. I always wave at the kids too.

    Thanks for posting that up. That was Niiiice. Moving piece of music too.
  14. that was a beautiful video, thanks for the link

    Ive only waved to one kid, i was at the lights, he was in a car besides me, and was looking, so i waved. He got excited and was turning back and forth (i think there was a sibling beside him), will always remember that.
  15. I can't imagine NOT waving back at the kids!

    Great vid.
  16. That was very well done.
    I know my kid likes to wave to the motorcyclists she sees and if they don't wave back (usually because they don't see her) she gets upset.

    It's always nice to see the joy in the kids faces when you wave to them.
  17. :applause: :applause: :applause: Awesome video, great find! Not too much of a man to admit I had a bit of a tear in the eye by the end of it.

    Always thought it cool how kids always appreciate bikes, I always wave back.

    One of the best experiences I have had was not long ago I was riding through the Dandenongs past a school, there was a bunch of kids standing at the fence around lunchtime.

    They were waving intently at me so I tooted and waved ( would've popped a mono if I know and was on a bigger bike) and you should have heard the cheer! Made me smile for hours afterwards.
  18. Awesome clip, so much captured and expressed in those quiet 4 minutes, loved it!
    never a day goes by i dont wave to the kids....
  19. My favorite thing about riding to work was passing a school at lunch after awhile a few groups of kids would line up at the fence to watch me and my two mates ride past and wave to us, always made my day. Great video really did hit the point as to why we ride 10/10
  20. What a great video clip! i'll be sending that link to some people I know that dont understand why I ride or why im back on a motorbike again.

    There the few that "Just dont understand"