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very newbie question on compliance.....

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by finky10, Apr 6, 2005.

  1. whats the deal with compliance??
    bit confused by the whole thing
    Is the compliance date the import date?
    or is it when the bike gets re-registered?

    excuse the ignorance please :?

  2. Not either of those, really. It's the date it receives an Australian compliance stamp, basically. It doesn't indicate the age of a bike at all, just the date it passed compliance. In the case of grey imports (Sumoto? :p) this could be 10 or more years after it was manufactured.

    I think.
  3. Tenoq is right :)
  4. absolutely spot on tenoq

    My 91 across is a grey import (not sumoto 8) ) it's compliance states 2002. According to the rego people it's only 3 years old :shock:
  5. theres a loop hole where you can import and construct bikes and a qualified enginneer can state that it meets adr's and then they register it and compliance it .

    the bike could be made up of 20 differant bikes and the speedo , from a bike last year , so the motor has 50,000k's on it and the speed0 says 5,000 .

    thats how it was explained to me , i may be wrong.
  6. i think its a joke and that the compliancing is misleading. :x thats my 2cents. i just find it amazing u can go into a shop and find bikes 5 years apart with the same price.
  7. and what groberts said. :?
  8. You realy have to know your bikes if you are buing a gray imort... LOL a guy at work just bought himself a brand new, one owner, 5000km on the clock, 2005 Honda CBR250R...

    His face went gray when I told him the bike was made in 1988/1989... Is that why they call them gray imports??
  9. hehehe i hope lesson learnt. :?
    i just bought a grey import. but the bike that i purchased was only manufactured in 1996, this is a 1998 model, with 17000 on the clock. so i guess thats no to bad. compared to a bike manufactured in 1989 for the same price. :p
  10. Ouch. That would have irked him a bit - and I think you meant 'grey', not 'gray' ;)

    Isn't a 'gray' a funny alien from the X-Files? :LOL:
  11. 'gray' is the american spelling, also how you may define a colour if you're a web designer :)
  12. Crazy Americans. But what do you expect, they can't even spell 'colour' correctly! :LOL:

    Oh, and don't real web designers use the hex values for their colours? ;)
  13. Just to show there are some honest dealers around, when I bought my bike the dealer said it was a "91 Across" even tho the compliance plate says 2002

    Told me straight up it was a grey import, without me asking.

    Gotta be happy with that.