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"very neutral, very soft ... perfect for very subtle foods like sushi and sashimi"

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Roaster, Nov 22, 2010.

  1. Snipped to keep "important" bits. Personally, I think this is a load of horse sh it and only a fool with too much money, too much ego, or not enough self confidence (or all 3) pays $10 (or $50!!!) for a bottle of water.

    Really? Evangelize for greater epicurean regard for water? Did I miss the memo where the world went bat sh it crazy?

    That is marketing at its best. Thankfully though....

  2. Now all the ice caps will definitely disappear.
  3. I think this is a great idea. You mob should definitely buy yourselves a bottle or two.

    And for those special occasions when you go out to and drink this water so pure it's tasteless, you should attire yourselves in these incredibly fine clothes I've been tailoring. The fabric is so fine and silky, its invisible to the naked eye! It's also so light and airy, it'll like your not wearing anything at all. Only emperors used to be able to afford to wear it, but PM me and I'll help deck you out in my finest three piece suit for only $2'900...
  4. There truly are differences to water taste and quality depending on where it comes from. For those who want a genuinely soft, pure water, 2L of distilled water costs only a few dollars.

    Hard water with mineral impurities is healthier though.
  5. People are too f*ucking fussy. Rain water is the best - nothing fake about it.

    We shouldn't be polluting the world more with travel and shipping etc. Just have local water and keep it that way!
  6. Talk about a supervillain of Captain Planet proportions! Lets destroy the ice caps AND put them in plastic bottles. I wonder how much fuel the fishing boat uses in the process.
  7. I don't know...I wouldn't touch rain water in the vicinity of my work place...or even the suburbs around it. The rain is rather more acidic due to the pollution in the air.

    If you lived in the sticks it may be different, but even then I would boil the water and chill it before drinking. If you wanted even cleaner water, run the rain water through charcoal filtering system and then boil it, freeze it and then chuck it in the fridge to defrost. Home made melted ice berg.

    What a crock of shit and I agree with Roaster. Only a fool would buy it.
  8. Because I can get water from one of 5 taps in my house. I don't have a tap that delivers sneakers, you f*ckwit.

    God people are stupid.
  9. I used to drink water pumped from the nearby river when I lived out in rural NSW.

    The water wasnt very clear, thats for sure. Plenty of sediment and particles in it, though we didnt filter it. We simply chlorinated our rain tanks.

    You figure out how much to put in once you stop getting the runs constantly :LOL:

    Rainwater was pure nectar compared to that.
  10. I remember this iceberg water. They had it in Japan at the rugby world cup. About $25 aus a bottle. Screw that.
    I lived on tank water for thirteen years. Till I sold my farm. When we moved back down to Noosa the water was so chlorenic that it hurt your eyes. It wasn't, we were just not use to it. Never had to use a conditioner with rain tanks. tea, coffee, well everything tastes better.
    I think its a must to have your tanks cleaned and checked at least once a year. Specially if they go dry.
    MV ha ha luv your work lol
  11. I'd buy it once just to shit people.
  12. Yeah, use the rain water here and it's perfect.

    I didn't mean rain water for cities and stuff also - but there's dams that we have specially for that! If people don't like it 100%, then just buy a water purifier... is that what they're called? They can either be in a jug in the fridge or stand alone in the kitchen. Makes the water taste non chloriney!
  13. Where's that Phongus?

    I'd be happy to rock up with some litmus paper from our lab to check it for you.

    Acid rain is related to areas with heavy sulphur pollution... I don't know of any areas in Melbourne that you could argue has that kind of scenario.
  14. Im tellin ya, its not the acid rain that hurts, its the acid defecation.
  15. Gee you shit me. \\:D/

    I'd taste some if it was offered to me, but I wouldn't pay for it, no sir.
  16. Defrosted dinosaur piss? Pass thanks

    Best water I have had was rainwater from some old galv steel tanks... beware tanks with overhanging trees that possums live in though.
  17. you got it orb. best water i've ever had was from a rain tank - where i live now!
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  19. It'll go nicely with that grass juice :D.
  20. the assicons?