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Very Near Miss and Road Rage that followed

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by James_Syd, Nov 16, 2009.

  1. Ok, so haven't been on here for a while and that is solely due to getting my first bike and in late August and riding ever since. Every spare moment I have I jump on and practice. So in spending that much time on the road I accept that occasionally I am going to have a moment and there have been plenty of these, trucks, buses and the occasional driver changing lanes without looking.
    This one is a little bit different and it has been about 4 days since it happened.

    I was riding home from work on Thursday, it was raining and it was my first real experience in the wet. I was being very cautious as I wasn't sure what to expect of the bike in the wet. I was almost home, turning into my street across a main road and look in my mirror and see a mazda 3 behind me also waiting to turn into my street. I complete the turn and the car also turns and as I am going up the street I notice he is right on my tail so I don't panic and just continue up my street on the speed limit. Before my house there is a right hand bend followed by a left hand bend also and I am cautious through there and continue up my street, I indicate about 40 metres before my driveway and then start to brake appropriately still checking my mirror for the mazda and as I am about to go into my driveway he obviously wasn't looking and following to close that he locked up and turned to miss me... he ends up stopping on the inside of me.

    A little bit rattled I turn and look at him and he reverses and then pulls up on the other side of me in the middle of the road. He winds down the window and starts abusing me by this stage adrenalin has kicked in and I start hurling abuse back pointing out that I had my indicator on, L plates on and its raining. He continues to swear and I tell him that its his fault for tail gating. He then decides that he wants to get out and fight me... so he pulls his hand brake up and gets out of the car... I turn into my driveway and stop the bike before entering my property. I get off the bike noting I am kitted up, boots, jacket, helmet and gloves and stand next to my bike. He starts to come at me and I ask him what are you going to do punch my helmet?? You are going to do more damage to yourself than to me. He decides against it and gets in his car and continues to hurl abuse through the window as he starts to drive off I am still yelling and he stops again and gets out take two steps in my direction and I thought this guy isn't going to stop so I run about two metres toward him and he runs back to his car opens the door and yells out I know where you live!! I was so angry by now!

    I watched him leave memorising his plate and then thought he was familiar so I went inside and looked though old year books and found him in there a few years below me at school. I thought about telling the police the next day but it will be too much of a hassle to go in there and make a statement and then at the end of the day they are not going to do anything to him anyway!!

    You think I should make a statement so there is a record of it, incase something happens to my house or bike?
  2. yes. make a statement. make sure he said. "i know where you live, im going to f'king kill you". you might get an avo
  3. They won't do anything, but it's probably worth considering making a statement anyway (with the above info) as if there is any 'retribution' that follows, you're at least half a step ahead.

    What a loser!
  4. which then gives you all sorts of nothingness, and some very useful options.
  5. ..you won't get an AVO for one incident of road rage. If he comes back call the cops or if weird things start to happen around your house/garden... keep a log of it. (date/time/what happened etc).

    It is worth making a statement and making sure that the cops give you a reference number (or similar). Make sure that all incidents (if they occur) are logged on the same record.

    Also, if his reg is linked to other such incidents, he may at least get a warning.
  6. Okay, so his response was entirely inappropriate, but you could have done more to avoid that near miss.

    First, his brain was turned off, and he was using you to keep himself on the road, subconsciously following you. When you slowed, to him it was unexpected, even though you had your indicator on. The near miss gave him a fright, and his response to that was to get angry at you. There is absolutely no logic in that, but in fact it is a very common human response. In the interest of getting over it, forgive him for getting angry. If it happens again in future, with any driver, try a quite response of "Sorry mate, did you get a fright?" instead of yelling back at him. That will often get them to think about what happened, instead of just reacting. Of course sometimes they just think you are being a smartarse, and get even more angry. Be firm but non-confrontational. Remember, it is we riders who have learned to overcome our survival reactions to ensure our safety, not car drivers. They just react.

    So what could you have done differently?

    Well, first off, since you had spotted him as a potential problem, and he was tailgating you, slow down gradually without braking (maybe just activate your brake light) until you are travelling quite slow, like 10 to 20 Km/h. That will often pull drivers out of their reverie, and seeing you riding slow, they will overtake you. Give him room to do so, without riding in the gutter.

    If they don't overtake you, and continue to follow slowly, then indicate left and pull over to the left gutter. Keep a watch on them though, and if necessary duck up a driverway. Usually just pulling over to the left will get them to pass you. Then you can go on you way, and turn right into your driveway (which I assume is what you were trying to do, given that he ended up on the inside of you.)

    Finally, since you have a rego number and name, just make a note of it somewhere and let someone else know about it, so that if something else happens in the future, since he is likely to be travelling the same way as you again, then there is a record of the incident(s) that have occurred.

    Keep enjoying the riding!
  7. Understand I could have handled it differently and luckily it didn't turn out worse... but you have to understand I was actually ok until he started abusing me, I was fuming and hence the situation got out of control to a certain degree. I understand that a lapse of concentration can occur resulting in a driver doing something stupid, I would be lying if I said its never happened to me. On his part I think he was just embarrassed about where he end up as I was actually turning left into my driveway and when he finally stopped his car he was blocking my driveway. I think that he saw the L plates and thought he could bully me for his stupidity.

    Basically I realise that these things are going to happen (the actual near miss) but the abuse that followed?? Seriously it was a joke considering the situation. I have decided to tell the police as if another incident with that driver occurs in the future and someone else complains or makes a statement then in doing so they will also see my story.
  8. thats just madness mate. especially in poor visability and braking conditions

    If he did that he probably would've been run down by this clown either from inattentiveness or rage.

    I would never gamble my life against an idiot in 2 tones of metal.
  9. Lucky you didn't end up like this one...

    My information is that it was the same sort of thing that nearly happened to you but at least the pr1ck has been caught and charged...

  10. Not at all Slick. I've done it many times, and it works well. Sure, you have to keep an eye on the situation and be prepared to get oout of the way, but that is what the acceleration of a motorcycle is for.

    A few points:
    1. The car driver knew he was in front of him, since he had just waited behind him for a turn. So the visibility in wet conditions doesn't matter. They driver could clearly see the bike, and was mindlessly following.
    2. It is very very rare that a car driver actually hints a motorcyclist intentionally. Sure, they may swing toward you, abuse you, or make a mistake and hit you, but almost no-one wants to actually hit you.
    3. I didn't suggest that the rider used his brakes except when he was off the line of travel of the car, pulling over to the curb, so it doesn't matter about poor braking conditions.
    4. A driver who is brainlessly following another vehicle will automatically maintain a travelling distance, without thinking about it. The trigger that brings them out of their reverie is that they suddenly realise that they are travelling slowly, and don't know how that happened. That is when their attention is turned back on, and they can both avoid you, and choose to overtake you if they want to.

    I have used this technique with a fully sic rice burner full of gesticulating teens who thought I should get out of their way, a cop car who was tailgating in the rain to try and force me to speed, and many inattentive drivers who just weren't turned on. I find it particularly useful when approaching a right turn off a suburban road to slow early to wake up those behind, if I think I am going to have to stop at the turn point. It wakes them up, is non-threatening, so doesn't elicit road rage and if you are aware, it is actually very safe. I never expect them to just avoid me. I manage the situation. Which means, of course, being in a lower gear, ready to take of at the slightest sign of trouble.
  11. Good technique mate! It actually sounds like it'd work.

    Personally if i'm getting tailgated i'll just gas it for a good wheelstand. If that doesn't get their attention the noise of the earth shaking twin will! :eek::rofl:
  12. OH yeah i've done it myself a few times too, but usually in the car and usually when I am too pissed off by the tailgaters to worry about logic and safety.

    But in those conditions with a learner... I can just see him becoming a hood ornament.

    If it wasn't a learner I always apply the twist the wrist and gtfo of there strategy.

    Better safe than sorry
  13. It does sound like a good tactic but unfortunately OP is on his L's
  14. Never thought to tap away at your rear brake pedal to flash him your intention to slow?
    More likely to notice a big red flashing light over a much smaller amber one maybe?
  15. Mate, on your L's means that most people will respect the fact that you are learning. However, I believe that the rage/anger that people express as a defence mechanism when they are in the wrong in a traffic situation extends further when the other party is learning. I've found that they can sometimes blame YOU as a learner for their mistake. Logic defying, I know. But it's happened to me before, and it's the last thing you need while learning to ride. Just play iit cool and don't aggravate the situation... at least until you get a nice loud scary fast bike that breaks windows with it's sonic boom. ;)
  16. [​IMG]
  17. I would have followed him home, waved and said " I know where you live now too !!" Then casually turn around a ride off back down the street mustering the best maniacal laugh possible. :demon:
  18. :rofl:

    EDIT: Can we get rid of this stupid 10 character minimum please?

  19. seems we forgot the rules. 1 they hate you 2 they want to kill you with thier inept ability to drive 3 they dont LOOK. but on tailgating my mate was pulled over by a plod who was tailing him weellll close. when said mate mentioned to copper reply was " you dont like my driving? pull over" i hate cagers