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Very lucky boy

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by VTRBob, Feb 9, 2008.

  1. Sorry if its a little long :?

    I just got filled in by my better half Nadeen Re her son’s court appearance yesterday in Frankston.

    I’ll cut the story as short as possible 1st.

    In June last year he was living with his father in Paterson Lakes, and even with the media blitz about the police crackdown on off road bikes riding on roads and parklands. He took his Bike WR250 out down to Carum beach and back home via the Paterson river park/walkway.

    Well guess who got busted in a big way, I‘m not going to speculate as it would only be hearsay. But somehow one of the police officers got run over and suffered a smashed ankle and other injuries. Three operations on his ankle, and now running a desk.

    The boy panicked and hit the throttle and did a runner, It took the police 4 days to track him down [ both myself and his mother had told him to “be a man, and go identify yourself to the police and you may get some leniencyâ€]
    But daddy had told him…… “Good on you boy F**k em†Daddy also got him to change the look of his bike, ie: remove stickers etc. He took dads advice.

    So when the police did catch-up with him, he ended up with at total of 18 charges!
    The most serious being : Did Intentionally course serious injury to a police officer.

    Well It has cost a damn lot of MY money to get him some decent legal help ‘read barrister’ [daddy hasn’t put in one cent]
    With one adjournment last year, and as he was under 18 when the incident occurred, it stayed at request, in the Children’s Court.

    Now after 5 hrs yesterday and a barrister that is worth every cent I paid for, picking so many holes in the police brief, and with family support { Mother / GF / and some uncles and aunts there as well }

    The Magistrate admitted openly that on reading the police brief was ready to lock him up for 3 years. But after our defense, reduced it to $1000 fine and 8 months good behavior.

    The previous cases all only had legal aid and no family support. Every one of them got time inside for much lesser charges.

    He is one lucky boy, and has been told by me that when he gets back home here, if he so much as looks like stepping out of line, he wont be able to run far or fast enough to avoid me.
    Not to mention after he has paid his fine, he owes me a few thousand dollars as well.
    In the mean time his mum is paying me the ‘interest bill’ a few times a week. :twisted: :cool: :wink:

    Ps: Hopefully this has scared him enough to see the type of person he was / is and will change his ways. Especially since he is now living away from daddy and his peers in Melb.
  2. Yer slowing down are ya old fella? :p

    Mate all I can hope is that this gives him the kick in the arse he needs to straighten himself out. I hope the process scared the shit out of him, and that he'll pull his head in.
  3. :applause: Bob :applause:

    :censored: :censored: Daddy
  4. I think most people that grew up with a dirt bike as a kid (or even as an adult) have had the odd unregistered squirt through a forest or down the street after having changed some parts over to test. A few of those would have had to do the odd runner from the police too. Just goes to show how ugly and out of hand a situation can get I guess.
  5. You're a great Dad Bob.
    Good luck for your boys future.
  6. who was the barrister?

    always good to know a barrister.. :twisted:
  7. Has anyone asked for the opinion of the guy stuck behind a desk of barristers and whether the outcome is appropriate?

    Why wasn't the father charged with incitement?
  8. +1, Does your stepson show any remorse that a guy is not going to be able to walk properly, ever again?
  9. Bob, you have a very good heart. I probably would have walked away and told my partner that he deserves everything the law can throw at him. The fact that you spent so much money and so much time must show your dedication to your partner's family.

    I guess no one should pass judgement, right or wrong because I admit that I do not understand all the circumstances. From a native outsider's point of view, these sorts of events are deal breakers when it comes to relationships. I nearly broke up with my gf just because of how her kids behave. The youngest two pulled themselves into line because they want me around.

    The oldest one left to live with his father (another separate story that an outsider will not understand). I would not know what to say to the boys' father (besides a whole heap of f#$#$ f#$#$ f#$#$ c$%t, etc, etc). If he can not see reason, nor have some common sense, what can you say???? How do you educate the father??? (Especially if he thinks that he is such a great dad).
  10. Well Bob how are you enjoying your new WR250? One would sure hope the 'kid' no longer has it!
  11. Sounds like it was the porkies fault
    bet he tried to grab the guy of the bike and got ran over, gota be nuts to stand infront of a bike,
  12. Just.... mate....


    Hope the kid has learned his lesson. My thoughts also go out for the copper who got hammered by the WR and has had his career shat all over.
  13. Yes he does, we even have on tape from both his police interviews, Him saying sorry and asking how the officer was.

    The WR is most likely staying in Melb and getting sold, to help cover costs etc.

    Personally I would not have helped him at all, regardless of being my partner’s son or not, however after reading the police brief and the two constables direct contradictions between themselves on the events of the incident. I fully believed the boys version of the event, so I went ahead and got him some decent representation, and from the outcome the magistrate must have also seen the inconsistencies in the police version as well once pointed out to him.
    Whats the term ? oh yeah ... Reasonable doubt

    This is speculation only, but I would say the police in some way stuffed up and as a result one got injured, and tried to cover up by altering the sequence of events, but when making their individual statements didn’t quiet get their stories right.

    I have no malice towards any police officer, even the one’s that have booked me and taken my licence on numerous occasions, they where just doing there job. But on this occasion it was not all black and white.

    Ps: yes this whole thing would never have happened, if the boy had heeded all the warnings and not gone out for a ride. As of my conversation with him last night he see's his error and has told me, Track or paddock riding only from now on. When and if he ever can afford a bike of his own.
  14. Not having a go at you here, but doesn't this show how F#$ked our legal system is when the Representatives you can afford dictate your sentence more than teh actual facts of the case.
  15. Not really. It is no secret that the legal system is nothing to do with right or wrong, but the quality of the legal argument presented to a court.

    If you get the best representation you stand a better chance of playing the process to get a more equitable outcome.

    All a good barrister must do is introduce 'resonable doubt', cite precedent or articulate a section of the law 'interpretation' to which the magistrate or judge agrees (obviously the higher the profile the laywer, the greater the chance of this).
  16. You say not really and then esentually state exactly what I have stated.
    I re-iterate is it F#$ked when how much money you have to spend on your defence is more relevent than the facts of the case. What it means is the Rich get off and the poor get F#$ked. And I am not sure where you come up with the word equitable in any scenario where this is the case.
  17. Good outcome Bob, karma [and nookie] is on your side for a while!

    Hey FL, the only way you could gain a fair outcome everytime is for mandatory sentencing and a completely honest police force :shock:
  18. Mandatory Sentencing and Fair Outcome are not two things I would associate. That's what's so fcuked with traffic law IMO.
  19. That is such an incorrect generalisation that its not funny. Most cases are decided on the fact as presented to the court. How well they are presented is another matter.

    Right and wrong are also (in most cases) grey areas to begin with.
    Thats fairly obvious. See my comment above. Like all trades there are good and bad. And the good can charge more. So I should start abusing mechanics who charge a little more, but are the best around?
  20. I'm with Zbike.
    No way a kid decides to run a cop over deliberately.

    Hope he's learnt the 'be more careful for everyone's sake' lesson, though.