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very loud exhaust

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by freddy b, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. hi,
    i got my bike delivered yesterday its a 97 honda shadow with cobra pipes but its just really loud like an f-111 roaring by. i didnt notice this much noise when i inspected the bike.
    i am worried that i am likely to be pulled over by the police, so i am wondering if i can have the exhaust quiter or do i need to change the pipes.

    on the bike there is a sticker which says 88db i suppose for the loudness. regardless its just too loud for me.
  2. hi paul, so this is a good lead. not sure if tgese are universal but i might see if i can find the model number of the pipes and the link you gave me me might be worth pursuing.
  3. I would email the seller or Cobra.
  4. 88db would be the level for the stock pipes
    I guess the seller didn't have the stock ones to give you
    I hope it came with a RWC
  5. the number of decibels doesnt mean much to me, so maybe its the original pipes as you say.
    i have had a look at the pipes and cannot see a model number on them.
    the bike did come with a certificate from the dealer that is an e-safety check and says its roadworthy so i guess that covers the exhaust ?
  6. My bike ran at 93db before I changed my pipes
    I think the legal limit is 94db
    I've never heard of e-saftey thingy before so I can't help you there
    Can you post a pic of bike showing pipes?
    It wouldn't be too hard to find out what model they are
    Other alternative would be to source some stock pipes from wreckers or similar
  7. will post a pic after work. thanks guys for your help
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    Pretty sure the drive-by noise test (ADR) is 90dB, measured at a 45 degree angle from the rear of the vehicle, 1 metre from the rear and 1 metre from the ground.

    you can get a cheap dB meter from Radio Shack / Tandy / DSE / etc. I bought one for about 30 bucks. very accurate. or go to an exhaust shop, most of them have a dB meter.

    measure 1m back, then 1m across to the side and 1m from the ground and point the mic at the horizontal, not down. this will allow you to accurately measure. the vehicle must also be in an open space - i.e. no brick walls or reflective surfaces within 20m of the vehicle. the ambient noise level must also be read at the same time, for accuracy.

    EDIT: here's your current ADR requirement. ADR 83/00
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  9. thanks guys for the replies. i wanted to share photos of the exhaust but i cant im using a tablet and cant work out how to put in photos.

    doesnt matter i need to find a muffler place near burwood syd to get the noise checked and see about fixes.
    i am scared i will get a defect as its quite loud. not as loud as some harleys but still loud.
  10. dont know how this works but i have been searching for an original set of pipes for the bike but being an old bike theres been no luck.

    So if i get pinged for this stupidly loud exhaust i cant replace with the stock item. Its all a bit confusing.

    Apparently the baffles on these cobra pipes are welded in and cant be easily swapped for quiet ones. I am thinking of checking overseas for a stock set of pipes for the bike.
  11. I don't think it would be too hard to have a exhaust made up to a standard of your liking
    But I wouldn't worry about 'when' you get done.
    You might not get pulled over and find you are stressing too much

    Either way there will be a solution

    Try a Honda shadow forum or similar and see if someone would like to swap a stock set for yours maybe
  12. Neither the picture or the description on that eBay link I posted indicate that it's welded in. In fact there's a screw hole clearly visible at the outer end...
  13. i understand what you are saying but on the exhausts i have the baffles are definately welded in. in fact the supplier in aust says that baffles in these pipes cannot be replaced. the solution might be something like at www.smartpartz.com or a vance and hines systemwith removable baffles so that quiet ones can be installed.

    mind you evven though my pipes are loud there are some very loud bikes on the road. i was filling up the other day and this guy started his harley and it was deafening.
  14. When I first put aftermarket pipes on a bike and started it up for the first time, I shit bricks. I thought I hadn't put it on right or something. So I turned it straight off and double checked everything lol
    They do take some getting used to sometimes
  15. Have you tried a Decibel Meter App from a smart phone?
  16. jay, interesting point because my wife reckons its not as loud as she first thought..

    gr81nk somebody at work mentioned this as we i will look for an android version
  17. In sure it would work great until the Mic starts clipping.
  18. Straight pipes, obviously. Made by wankers, for wankers.
  19. maybe but i wouldnt be telling them.

    these decidel meters are they an app thing or like a microphone