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very long offramp, speed/cornering etc.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by redninjabrah, Jun 14, 2011.

  1. Hey Guys,

    ive been commuting to and from work in the city...on the way home i take the citylink..there is a very long on ramp (what seems to be full circle and then some)....my question is, how can i take this best?? i head for the vanashing point of the corner but find myself drifting all over the lane over the course of the corner (which takes aroudn 20 seconds)

    ive noticed cars generally try and sit up my ass while i do this also...and im in the right lane too...should i be in the left "slow lane" or is it something i will get better at with more exp?
  2. Something you'll get better at as you get more experience, but after initially leaning over you should start to slowly roll on the throttle a bit, it'll counter-act the speed you lose from turning and keep you steady. Keep looking ahead and then eventually you'll get the feel for balancing throttle, steering angle and lean angle such that you stay steady within the lane.
  3. Pick a distance out from the inner curb and maintain it. Fiddle with speed / lean angle to suit your taste. Enjoy.
  4. If cars are up your arse, you may be going too slow. If so maybe get out of the fast lane.

    You should be looking at the vanishing point but not heading for it. You stay wide and watch the vanishing point until you see the exit (that is the vanishing point starts to move further away from you as the curve finishes and the road straightens up.

    Corners like this take some practice for new (and even not so new) riders as you end up looking at a place which is very different from where your bike is immediately travelling for quite a long time. You will get better with practice.

    However bottom line is you keep on doing what Rob's excellent Cornering 101, 102 etc series tell you. If you thought you were doing this and it's not working on this corner, it's probably because you weren't doing it and it shows up more on these sort of corners.
  5. Deleted. Talking about wrong corner. Sorry.
  6. pin it*

    EDIT: *may not be the best advice
  7. I too had problem with it 1st, 2nd time, after that it's ok, given time you will be use to it just stay calm
  8. I think I know the corner. Is it the first massive 360 degree turn going onto the Bolte just after Montague street? If so, I've taken it quite a bit recently and each time I've found myself attacking it differently.

    The first time, I found myself doing what you explained, but just powered through it or stood it up a bit more. This was only due to the 80 sign which doesn't change to 100 until you're well onto the start of the bridge.

    My following attempts either ended up with me on the inner lane virtually upright behind other cars OR giving in to the open road ahead/[attempted] tailgating cars behind [-:)jerk: and just leaning it in a bit more, opening the throttle and gradually reaching the $1.00 mark by the end of the bend!

    You definitely have to look up otherwise you find yourself tipping in even more! It's a confusing corner, but you'll get use to it! Just take either of the above options. First option should be the preferred beige option, in which case, it's too long of a corner to be leaning into it at $0.80 anyway!

    My 2c


    **EDIT** If you want hard, try the decreasing banked 180-turn heading on to the eastern from hoddle street!!! :| That's got to be the dumbest excuse for a corner - but the long on ramp that follows is ok! :)
  9. I don't know the corner, never been there, but the descriptions are intriguing. Sounds like fun. Well - sounds like it might be a bit of a challenge for a beginner rider, which is the subject at hand, but it sounds like a great place to play as well - if there was no 4wheeler roadblocks around.
  10. check this out


    coming from the right to left, you pass under the bridge then do the big left hander to go onto it...
  11. It is indeed, I have heard stories of riders, knee on the deck paying double the rrp on that ramp.

    Some cars slow right down for it so I've been know to umm change lanes mulitple times before the bridge - I use my indicator to keep it legal though.
  12. Yup, that can be a prick of a corner. Cage or bike. Mainly because it often requires you to slow down right before caning it to get up to speed on the freeway. On the bike with no traffic, not an issue. With traffic though, I try to find a gap and get into the flow of traffic on the right hand side as soon as possible while everyone else gets up to 100 at their own varying pace. Similar concept in the car. I'm also mindful of it because it seems like a place where it could easily accumulate oil etc.

    Actually I am finding more and more recently that I am getting more tentative on corners around the suburbs because of varying surface conditions. Whether gravel from roadworks, corrugations from poor roadworks, oil or other contaminants. Conditions just don't seem to be getting better.
  13. That's if you don't miss the turn b/c they've changed all the ramps around....
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  16. I hear it is. I mean, they tell me ... if you can find a time when there's no damn traffic!
  17. damn why don't we have any nice on ramps like that in the west...ours are all...straight...
  18. Oh wow, yeah, I miss Melbourne's on/off ramps around the Citylink, Tullamarine/etc freeways. All manner of splendiferous 270 degree corners with super-smooth surfaces to ride and drive around. :)

    (Though having to decide between Macquarie Pass and Mt. Keira Road to reach the Hume Highway from Wollongong wasn't bad either. My cup runneth over!)

    Like GreyBM said, ridiculously-long corners like this are a special case (and for better or worse a rarity). The "apex" of the corner, if you could call it that, is just before it straightens up to head across the Bolte Bridge.

    I'd personally stay in the right hand wheeltrack of the lane the whole way around - this gives you room to tighten your line if need be, whereas if you were on the inside edge rubbing shoulders with the guardrail you'd have nowhere to go but out, which is a bad situation to be in.

    Start wide, finish tight - but in this case it's start wide, stay wide for eternity, and then (eventually) finish tight.
  19. Yah this one is not fun, I use it on the way home whenever I commute, the off-camber is the worst part about it...

    The only thing it has going for it is the corner exit is easy to see, so once you have hit the apex you can just blast up to 100ks& sort out what lane you want to be in...
  20. and when you come to Sydney, you can have a crack at these ones: