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Very Late Notice Tues 10th Jan

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by CFVFR, Jan 9, 2012.

  1. Hi fellow Nerd Riders,

    Just a heads up that I will be doing my first big day ride with Lachlan (8) on the Wee. Good route planned that will have a sensible pace with regular stops.

    Meet 9am for 930 start at the bakery on the left after the bridge at Torradin.
    Look out for an orange Vstrom and a handsome chap (Lachie)

    Heading towards Lang Lang (similar route to SM that they did end of the year)
    C431, Ripplebrook, Drouin, Robin Hood
    Onto C426 joining C425
    Through Poweltown, Yarra Junction, Warburton.

    May take a look up the lookout at Mt Donna Buang, then have the option of either taking some dirt section along C507 to Narbethong or continue along C511 to Reefton, M'ville then Healsville.

    I will be turning off onto the C411 at Worri Yallock and heading to Pakkers then off home to Mt Martha.

    Very short notice ride as there were a few things up in the air.
    Depending on numbers there will be CM and possibly TEC if needed.
    Everyone is responsible for their own machines and attitude, that being said I will hardly be ripping up much tarmac with the wee man on the back, so come one come all for a sedate ride with me.

    Cant say I didnt ask.

    Happy New Year,

  2. Since there are no responses for joing the ride, well be going straight though Torradin.
    May see some fellow brethren on the journey.


  3. Bugger, wish I saw this earlier. Was looking for something to do today :(
  4. Had a good ride today shame you couldn't make it mate. Missed all the rain, roads were quiet and not alot of plod around. We ended up taking the C507 unsealed section from Warby and apart from a few potholes wasn't too bad. Surprisingly few bikes about.
    Will post some pics soon.



    For those either bored enough, here are a few pics of our day. 385kms all up and Lachie was still keen for more. I may have created a monster!
    Lachie, "I like it when we go up Arthurs Seat Daddy"
    Me, "and why is that?"
    Lachie, "Cos its got those signs that say, High risk area with a pic of a motorbike"