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Very happy with TPG

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Bravus, Dec 10, 2009.

  1. We'd been on ADSL2+ with TPG at $49.95 a month for 50 GB (25 peak and 25 offpeak). We ended up getting throttled, mainly because the kids are home from school and spending a lot of time on YouTube, plus a few downloads... I'd seen they were advertising 100 GB for the same price, went online and was able to upgrade instantly for no money and no hassle. Sweet!

    Then we'd had the whole family on Telstra prepaid mobiles... which meant we were spending $30 a month or so for each of 3 phones on recharges, but the kids were forever out of credit when they needed to make important calls or we needed them to contact us. So we got the phones unlocked (free because we'd had them long enough) and checked out TPG.

    They have a $19.95 a month plan that has $300 of cap and 1000 free minutes (17 hours!) a month of TPG-to-TPG calls, but if you have DSL with them it's only $14.95 a month. So we now have 3 phones all on TPG, all paying half as much a month as we were before, and able to talk free to one another (who they most often ring) effectively as much as they like.

    The signup was online and very fast and hassle-free, they were able to port the existing phone numbers across in every case, TPG emailed at each stage of the process and only took a couple of days to set up and send out handsets (we needed one new one 'cos one of the Telstra phones was dead) or SIMs.

    The coverage is perhaps a little less than Telstra, but we spend the vast majority of our time in and around Brisbane, and the coverage and quality is totally fine. (I'll be getting an iPhone on Optus through the uni soon, which should cover us a bit if we go further afield anyway.)

    The DSL with them has been fast and the uptime and customer service fantastic too. One of the guys got on gmail chat with me to work through the various issues and I feel as though I have him on call if there are any issues and usually get a response within half an hour... but have basically not had to use him unless contemplating a change because there have just been no issues.

    I have no financial interest or anything, just wanted to pass on the kudos for anyone else who needs these kind of services.
  2. The Total Peripherals Group has been around since the early nineties, and seem to have been able to make the right sorts of decisions with each of its incarnations. Sounds like you've got your comms well and truly tied up, (y).
  3. They aren't to bad.... as long as you don't need to call them
  4. wish optus cable would lift it to at least 50gb, 12gb is sad these days and im to far from the exchange to get the same speed as cable

    cable still rocks
  5. They are one of the worst companies I've ever dealt with.

    My internet speed sits around 110kb/s. I've called them... maybe 15 times regarding this and each time I get someone telling me that's an acceptable speed. I start arguing and we go around in circles until someone hangs up on me. I'm very, very polite - hell, I work in a call centre. But after a while the phone drops out. Interesting.

    What's more annoying is that their call centre only seems to staff around 10 people at a time. When there's more than a few calls in que the helpdesk simply says "We're too busy" and to call back at some later time. So I can't even sit on f'n hold.

    What's more, it takes so long to explain to the staff, who are based out of Manilla, what is the problem I'm not sure if they're taking the mick or completely inept.

    I reckon TPG are great, until you encounter problems. I've replaced modems twice, all the line filters and cables and isolated each one as I go.
  6. check how far u are from the exchange, if u are to far then thats all you are going to get, nothing they can do about it
  7. around 200 meters.
  8. by wire? or as the crow flies. there was a house up in ye ole brisbane town a few years ago was physically accross the road from the exchange. it was about 5 or 6kms by wire from the exchange! Yay! Telstra!

  9. then u should be cracking over 1mb sec, something definitely wrong
  10. Geeth speaks the truth. I've never had a problem with their service, as long as their service does not have a problem. Calling them is about as pleasant as performing a foot massage with your teeth.

    Also, QW, I be jealous.
  11. IIRC. You missed out on about 3 quota increases between the old 50gb plan and the newest plan (100gb).

    Pays to occasionally check for updated plans...
  12. Yeah, probably - but until last month we'd never come all that close to using the whole 50 (well, in fact, the 25 peak... we were still miles off the off-peak limit, due partly to downloading at silly times), so it hadn't become urgent to upgrade.
  13. I've been with them for several years (ever since I could get ADSL2+) and never had a problem. When we moved house a few years ago (from one end of the Peoples Republic of Moreland to the other - so different exchanges) I was only off the air a day or so. Very quick changeover once our new number was sorted.
  14. I was talking to the business state manager here in Qld the other day and she let slip they were about to announce an unlimited data plan for $90 a month.
  15. IS that ADSL2, or just ADSL? Because that speed is even a tad low for the latter. Why I ask is that here, TPG has their ADSL2 hardware in some exchanges in the area, but where they don't, they offer ADSL, but using all Telstra infrastructure. So in those cases any technical issues are out of their hands and they're stuck dealing with Telstra - enough said.
  16. Yeah, we didn't switch to them until they got their own DSLAM in the local exchange.
  17. Unlimited plans are not financially viable for any carrier to offer, there are way too many down steam costs that are variable based on data exchanged.

    I would sugest they will offer a limted unlimited plan, ie reach your unlimited limit and get speeds throttled. They will also probably ban P2P etc.

    I do not work for TPG etc

  18. I used to have an unlimited plan through UQ for a couple of years.
  19. Bull dust, TPG are the sellers of this service who they choose to purchase from is not any concern of the customer. If as alledged he is not getting the speeds as advertised then lodge a complaint with TPG and if not resolved call TIO. DSLAM is only part of the ADSL experience, it can be cable in the street, overloaded backhaul from the exchange, any matter of faults can cause the issue. TPG now use a lot of Soul's fibre and that is pretty poor in Victoria and Sydney suburbs.
  20. Yeah "used to" that's the problem. Once youtube and P2P became popular all the little ISPs offering it became basket cases.

    Pity I would love unlimted,.