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Very exciting!!! (Don't read if you don't like Kawasaki)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by cRoTcHRoCkeT, Aug 12, 2004.

  1. haha.. sorry to waste your time with another topic, but as most of you know, im a noob and i have a few questions for all you Kwakka fans/owners/guru's out there...

    been doing research, and i've concluded that i am going to purchase a ZX2R...
    1) I was told by the lady at western QBE (insurance) that a ZX2R is a ZXR250... so i'm like ok, can someone confirm/deny that???
    2) she quoted me $204 third party, is that reasonable??? (i'm a 19 year old male, with no riding experience, just 2 years driving)
    3) i sat on one of these bikes today (without riding it) and they felt comfortable for me, although will i find it too small/big when riding considering im about 6'2"?? (the guy at dealership said no, but they would say anything to sell me a bike)
    ok... last question
    4) is $5400 a good price?? this includes compliance report, new tyres, blah blah blah all the rest... i also budgeted about $1000 for riding gear...

    sorry if all this makes no sense, but im typing as fast as i think of something, and have no time to structure it... sorry..

    any opinions, views, critiscism, etc... would be VERY appreciated...

    lastly, who here has good bike knowledge (as in someone who knows wat they r looking for in a good/bad bike)
    i would pay for your time, or buy u a couple slabs, etc... basically i would like to have someone there who can steer me in the right direction while being impartial to my choice, etc...

    thanks guys for putting up with my annoying topic and the fact im a new kid to all this...

    cant wait to meet all you..

    happy and safe riding,

  2. 1) No idea, but I'd assume so, Kawasaki has crazy Ninja naming schemes
    2) Yes, that's reasonable
    3) You put your knees up and had someone hold the bike so you could sit in riding position for you right?
    4) It's fairly standard from a dealership, what year (Built not compliance year) is it?
  3. hmmm.. nah, i just sat on it with feet flat on the ground... and leant down, felt comfortable... and he did say in all honesty that it would be ok for me...

    and it's a 1991... ha yea learnt about the compliance and make difference too... i reckon dealerships tell u the compliance only to try and make u think its a new(ish) bike...
  4. lol yep

    I'd definently, 100%, get someone to hold the bike for you and you put your feet up on the pegs and hold them there for a few minutes and try imagine an hour like that. Sitting standing, and just leaning over a bike doesn't give any idea how sitting on it's going to be like. I know if I went and sat on a CBR-250-RR (I know it's not the same bike, just using it as a example) and just leant over it it'd feel fine, but I know once I put my feet up my legs I'll be in a world of cramps. Ignore the dealer and check for yourself.
  5. 1. Yes, the bike is officially known as a ZXR250 - the ZX2R designation is just some marketing stickers to make it sound like the other ZX?R bikes.
    2. That sounds fairly reasonable to me, but have you called around? Don't just take the first insurance quote you're given, and make sure you read the policy to see exactly what you are and are not getting covered for (probably more important for comp than 3rd P).
    3. As EvN said, sit in the riding position for 10 minutes and see how you feel. Has your research included actually sitting on any other bikes?
    4. Does the $5400 include $1000 of riding gear, or is that on top? From a dealer, I wouldn't go over $5000 for a '91 model in immaculate condition including compliance and onroads, less for any haggling points you can find.

    I'm fairly new to riding myself and so may not be as helpful looking over a particular bike as some others here, but I'm more than happy to spend an hour or two with you giving a bike or three a once over - schedule permitting of course ;).
  6. Tren's right, for a '91 model that's a bit steep considering I just spied a ZXR250 never been ridden for a couple grand more on the Peter Steven website.

    With a little more browsing I spotted a '92 model going for $4,990 in Geelong PS Link
  7. :) G'day Chris
    I got some questions for you. You don't have to answer if you don't want too.
    Will you be borrowing money for the bike as this affects the insurance side of things...must have fully comp if under finance.
    Have you looked around much...the price on the Grey imports varies a fair bit.
    If you post a yell for help when you want to look i'm sure you will have no probs getting it.
    I will assist if the time works out just PM me or post it to the forum.
    TrenShadow will tell you i will be honest in my assesment(not an expert but not dumb either)
    Feel free to e-mail me or PM me if you like.
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  9. lol @Flipper.... An Accross from a place called Parts and Pieces :LOL:
    Stick with the Duck if thats what your heart is set on.Check these out.
  10. :LOL: Yeah check out that Across (2nd bike along)

    I fear once you sit on one Chris you might find it a bit too cramped for ya, I'm 6'2 and I cramp up just looking at that pic, it looks the same demensions as a CBR 2 fiddy.
  11. wow... i just came back from being out (gotta love thursday nights!)
    thanks for all the help guys (and girls)...
    didnt expect that much reply, just shows how good a community netrider is...

    ok.. down to business...

    i never thought of sitting on a bike to see if i can withstand it.. good idea! i wish i wasnt so tall.. no wait, i wish i could ride a nice phat R1... hehehe

    with money side of things, it's either sell my car and have cash or keep my car and get a loan.. im thinking to keep my car and get a loan, as i dont want to rely on a bike in bad weather, etc...
    so hmmm... i totally forgot about a loan requires full comp... wat will i be looking at approx. for full comp???
    also, i only know a few other places for insurance but i dont know any other then AAMI (useless due to grey import) western and swann (which i havent called yet)..

    i've been looking for 2 years as i wanted one when i was 18.. lol, but never seriously looking at costs, i went into sumoto today and he tried to flog me one for 6k... so i should only spend 5k max on it???

    and i meant that the 5400 was bike only, i assume im up for 500 onroads and also 1k riding gear (which is imperitive)...

    hmmm... oh! another thing...when i need some help i'll post up again, i'd prolly come along to coffee on fridays to meet some of u guys/girls... but u all seem like your willing to take a couple cases of beer of me.. lol

    just thought, is there any proper reasons why an across is bagged out here?? as in mechanical, reliability or just because it's a handbag on wheels???
    do they come with carry handles?? so i can put it over my shoulder in clubs?? hahaha

    thank you people (evn, trenshadow, thelodger, flipper) so much!!!
    it's given me so much more to think about which can only help!

    tomorrow i will be going around hunting more places...

    take care on the roads and happy/fun riding..

  12. The last option... They fare well in terms of mechanics, reliability and performance (as well as 250's can anyways).
  13. I recently upgraded from a GPX250 - similar size bike.
    Also around 6'2" the move was much appreciated by the knees.
    I can almost guarantee at your height that you'll look for a taller bike at the end of your 12 months.

    Price is steep, so don't yield unless the dealer comes down a bit....don't forget they'll often do a deal with riding gear included, and this could make the whole package more attractive.

    Best of luck.
  14. I would stay away from sumoto , their prices are way to high for what they sell . As for bagging across's its all in fun , they r a gr8 bike and can take anything a noobie dishes out , not the quickest 250 but very reliable .
  15. Depends who you get your loan with, I got mine through Commonwealth and they gave me no conditions on it. I can insure, or not however I like. That said, I've got it insured through Swann, a specialist bike-only insurance company, and that cuts my arm off for $1400 a year (Which compared to RACV quoting like 3K isn't that bad).

    Try and spend as little as possible, so you're not regretting it when it comes to getting a big bike.

    Being tall really bites when it comes to bikes, but I think myself lucky I'm not taller my mates like 7" and he's stuck on a 250. He goes through toes of his shoes like bread :LOL:

    The Across paying out you see is just a joke and not a reflection of the bike at all. If anything the fact it's the most owned bike on this forum, not just most owned 250, but most owned bike full stop should say something for them. Plus it's the bike with the boot, the one of a kind, and once you get it you'll never know how you live without... Until you upgrade.
    I pay about $600-650 with Swan for my 650.
  17. lol I'll swap ya :wink:

    No rating and under 25 doesn't help :cry:
  18. I pay $329 Full-Comprehensive with Maxi-Rider (Swann), Learner rider, Rating 1 (in the car) over 25, for my 250....
    My Mum was just quoted $285 Full-Comprehensive with Maxi-Rider, for her 800 (valued at $12000).
  19. hmmmm yea... i was in clipstone yamaha today looking at a couple bikes.. they had an aprillia 125 there for 4400 (or there abouts) i think thats crazy for an aprillia... =S (maybe it was dropped)
    the lady there worked out finance for me today quickly, and with EVERYTHING included (full comp insurance, all gear, on roads and bike) was something like $60 per week... that i can afford, BUT i dont wanna be paying $60 per week for the next 20 years.. lol
    i was surprised, coz full comp insurance for me is like over $2k...

    so i said i have my heart set on a kwakka ZXR250, but i have heard an aprillia 125 is just as quick as a 250... so there's another hole in my boat...

    i was gonna come meet you people tonight at coffee, but i had to fill in for some deadbeat at work.. oh well, next friday!

    so yea, tomorrow im going to book my licence test!!! YAY!!! hehehe


    happy and safe riding,

  20. 4400 from a dealer sounds like a cheap price for an RS125. I presume it's the 2000 model with 14,000 on the clock listed on the first page of their used bikes site at http://www.clipstoneyamaha.com.au ?

    However, the price does sound a bit lower than I would expect from a dealer which leads me to wonder about it's condition. How are the tyres - both tread depth and age of rubber (when were they manufactured). Has the engine had a rebuild - I could be off the mark, but I've heard that 2-strokes need to be rebuilt as often as 15,000 kms, so if it hasn't been done recently it may need doing. It could be coming towards the end of the chain/sprocket life.

    For your reference, check out the motorcycle valuation site at http://www.redbook.com.au/MCycle/valuations.asp?type=mcycle. For bikes older than a few years they tend to be a bit inflated compared to real market values, but most dealers and private sellers will use it as a guide to start their asking price from.

    If you want someone to come shopping with you tomorrow (or later today as the case is), I'll be free from around 1ish, drop me a PM.