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Very confused newby shopping for 1st scooter

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by akin, Oct 16, 2006.

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I am shopping for a scooter.I want to spend up to $5,500. I will be riding to work everyday mostly riding on 70 zones. So I want sth to keep up with the running traffic (I gathered that I'd need sth like 125cc ?!?). I have been searching for scooters over 2 weeks now, trying to narrow my choices but unfortunately the more I read the more I get confused. But I guess it will be one of the following:

    Bug Espresso
    Piaggio Liberty 125cc
    Yamaha Vino or Cygnus

    Which one of those would you guys suggest?

    Is it worth spending a bit more and getting a Vespa LX125 or PX200? If so which one would you go for?
  2. Hello akin and welcome to the forum.

    I ride a 125cc Bolwell Arriba (actually it's made by PGO out of Taiwan) for my daily commute in Melbourne 18km each way, 80kph segments and have found the 125cc more than adequate.

    I don't have any experience on the scoots you list, but have seen good and bad reviews for most scoots. I can understand the choice confusion and I hope that what follows might help.

    Some of my fellow Netriders might ?helpfully? further confuse things by suggesting that bikes are 'better' than scoots. Truth is that some of them are enlightened enought to admit to owning both!

    If you search through Netrider you will see many comparative recommendations on scoots and there are some other links I could point you to ...... but let's start at the start.

    The one thing you will see in Netrider (do a search on budget and you will come up with links like https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=8894&start=0&postdays=0&postorder=asc&highlight= ).

    I don't know if you already have the necessary gear - does your max of $5,500 have to fund the essential helmet, gloves, jacket, etc?

    Your profile doesn't reveal your state, so we can't really advise you regarding registration and licensing costs (if you need to). For example here in Victoria, one of my decisions to start out on a 125cc was that it was in a cheaper registration band (and avoided the $50 levy).

    By all means seek comparative comments on the 3 scoots you list, all other things being equal (which they never are) I like the Piaggio - and am going to sell my Arriba in the future to go into an Aprilia (now a Piaggio brand) - 'leader of the opposition' willing. Having said that I found the 125 a great place to start - when I bought it it was $4200 brand new including on roads 11 months ago. Anyway ....

    to help you with your choice here's some things that might help

    1. At least sit on each scoot you are looking at (without the stands down!) and get a feel for them - can you put both feet down?)
    2. If you are licensed or have your L's can you test ride them to get a feel for riding differences (in my case, I had researched and talked to enough people to omit this step - shock, horror, etc)
    3. Check out the storage. Will you need to budget for a top box to fit in the stuff that you need to commute with? In my underseat storage plus top box I carry my wet weather gear, some cleaning rags, laptop, briefcase, shopping bag, etc). The good news on top boxes is that if you negotiate at purchase time (if it's a dealer) you will get a substantial discount - IMHO the margins they have to work with on these is huge!
    4. Ask for a schedule of service intervals and usual charges (and include these in your budget). Where you are located, is there more than one service place for the particular brand you are looking at?
    5. If you are getting your licence, ask the opinion of the training organisation regarding the scoots that they use, etc.
    6. Just do it. After 11 months I still get a real kick out of riding; alternating between smiling and grimacing (at avoiding random acts of stupidity by other road users - and myself :roll: )

    If you want to have a chat, PM me for a phone number.

  3. hi mate,
    welcome to the forum.
    good suggestions there from diggerdave.

    i wouldnt limit yourself to just those scoots you mentioned. there should be plenty out there in that price range. As you said there are just so many to choose from that it does get a bit hard. Maybe if you can narrow it down by choosing a style of scoot ie sport or retro or whatever.

    apart from that, yeah storage and comfort are the dig things to look for. Oh and just go test ride as many as you can. As soon as you jump on some you'll know.
  4. Get one with matching jacket and gloves and oh a latte holder will come in handy.

    Now we have that out of the way, quite a few blokes and girls at work ride scooters and it is quite a big mix, honda, vmoto, bug, vespa, yamaha, peugot and some brands that sound plain weird.

    Me after talking to them I would get either a GTS250 vespa [in red of course] lots of power, looks the goods, but I think it costs a bit more than your budget

    Or a motorbike.
  5. Bug Espresso is the fastest 150cc around.

    If you can let us know which state you are from, if you are looking for retro or modern look. If you need to get up hills or just city and highway stuff. Do you want a slim scooter or a Maxi. Storage space, etc. Then we can make better suggestions.

  6. I ride a bolwell 150 G-max. Top speed is around 100-110 but it handles like a bike and has great acceleration. It also has great sprorts styling and is guarentied to turn heads.
  7. Roshie, would have been good to see you and your scooter on last Sunday's ride!
  8. we've got a honda lead (100cc) and its a great little commuter. 70 is comfortable but 80 is about as fast as it goes though and for the first 1500k much over 60k was a struggle.
  9. Thanks for your replies guys. I guess as Diggerdave says I will at least I sit on each scoot before I make my mind.

    It might be a very broad (and probably a silly) question but I will ask it anyway: Do modern looking scooters perform better than retro ones?
  10. Not a silly question!

    It all depends what you mean by "perform", eg over on https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=26438 does fastest mean speed or acceleration ?

    There may be some aerodynamic difference between the more swept modern look and the retro style - affecting speed, but it's my guess that the weight of the unit will have a bigger impact on acceleration (the Vespa style units with metal body panels may weigh more).


    you will often see windscreens of various sizes added to scoots to provide some shelter from wind and rain - noone is concerned with aero drag there - to them 'performance' is about rider comfort performance, and that's fair enough too.


    to me, 'performance' is about stability, manouverability, stop-ability and beating the cages away from lights. So, in my quest for a new scoot, I'm looking at weight and wheel size (the larger diameter wheels provide a more stable ride IMHO) and wheelbase and braking systems.


    since most scoots are automatic transmission systems, we are explicitly choosing to sacrifice some performance for 'twist and go' convenience.

    Sorry your simple (and sensible) question doesn't yield a straight forward reply from me but those are my thoughts.