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Very compact way to tow a bike for a track day to an emergency

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by AznCruiser, Apr 21, 2011.

  1. Hi all. Ive been thinking about getting a bike trailer for that occasional track day or when you suddenly run out of petrol. The problem is that a normal trailer even the fold able ones takes too much room and need to be registered.

    The motorcycle towing cradles (also called motorcycle trailer hitch dollies and motorcycle caddies) doesnt need rego, is compact enough to fit in the boot, and is fairly cheap.

    So whats everyones opinion, has anyone tried one before, does anyone know a place in Australia (preferably in Sydney area) that sell or can make these things?

  2. Robsalvv has one.

    On a side note - For the love of god please don't take a cruiser to the track - the track gods will be displeased!

    Also if you stack bad enough at a track (and that is one of the reasons you trailer it there) you won't be able to take your bike home with it.
  3. Ill be taking the Aprilia to the track, the cruiser is only used on long rides and boring workday ride to the local train station. Eastern Creek raceway is only 7km away or around 10 or so minutes drive.

    Im not looking to stack it but if I do im just crossing my fingers that ill be OK and the bike not too bad/back wheels OK. This thing only really needs the back wheels to be in good condition.

    Im really just looking at a trailer so that I can go to track with a deck chair, food, drinks, tools, jerry can and all the other stuff stuffed in the boot or back seats. Im very pampered you see :-w:-w
  4. Looks like a top idea.

    One thing though, the RTA will probably require you to get a bike rack number plate.
  5. You will need to check your tow ball down force rating, something like my crew cab ute with a 280kg down force rating won't be an issue but a mid sized hatch would only have a towball downforce maximum of perhaps 75kg and putting a heavy bike on it could exceed the downforce rating risking damage to the car.
  6. I have a 114kg bike (dry) and most of the bikes weight would be resting on the back wheels. Tow ball down force wont be an issue especially if I use the Ford Territory.
  7. The Track Gods will accept a cruiser on the track if you're capable of riding it hard enough to embarrass at least two ATGNFI wannabes on litre sportsbikes :D.
  8. I'd expect anything with rolling wheels on the ground will be required to be registered by the RTA....... I'd check the legalities before rolling a track bike behind you
  9. Victoria doesn't require 'trailers' to be registered if they are smaller in width than the towing vehicle and less than 750kg gross mass.

    I'm aware that some other states do (NSW for example) but it depends where you live if registration would be needed.
  10. FFS...go for it....there's always room for the comedy relief at a track day...=D>=D>=D>:cheeky:
  11. Be advised that it's not a good idea to tow any vehicle in such a way that the driveline is in motion while the engine is stopped. You can do untold damage to the transmission that way.

    People have been known to roll their bikes down hills, in neutral, engine off, like a push bike. Some of them have been known to have big nasty accidents because nothing is pumping oil through the transmission, and the bearings that support the countershaft have eventually gone 'Enough!' and things have come to an unfortunate early conclusion. If the countershaft seizes, pulling in the clutch will have no effect at all.

    I'd suggest if you're going to use one of those things, that you remove the bike's chain first. If that's too much like hard work (and I can see that) then get an ordinary bike trailer.
  12. obviously along tow would need stopping every 30-60 minutes. But my place to the creeks is only a ten or so minutes drive. Turing the engine on for the oil to circulate is an easy option.
  13. My monotow is a different beast to the pic in the OP. Search monotow on NR & you should still see a pic.

    - - -
    Tapatalking loud, saying somethin'
  14. Yes, that's a realistic option.

    All I'm saying is you wouldn't want to take your pride and joy from Sydney to Perth this way.
  15. KD, if the bike is pitched back with its front wheel raised and in neutral, isn't the whole output shaft, it's meshed rotating gears & associated bearings bathed in oil?

    - - -
    Tapatalking loud, saying somethin'
  16. Depends on the bike. I don't know. It's not something that's ever happened to me, but I've heard stories.

    Modern bikes have stacked gearboxes. Where the countershaft sits and whether it'd have oil with the engine off - I don't know.

    It's the same with cars and trucks being towed. Some tolerate it quite ok - some don't.
  17. Actually I'm going the slightly more extreme route and am going to build a trailer designed to be towed by a bike, with another bike on it. Certainly not going to be towing any track bikes, maybe one day if I get a cruiser, but I'm planning on getting a cheap enduro bike to flog, rip apart, rebuild, service and learn how to dirt ride on. Owning a car will just be a nuisance and unnecessary at my age, plus I'm not aware that anyone short of ghost riding has ever towed a bike with a bike before. Certainly not a sizable bike with a bike not much bigger. So I'll be the first.

    Stay tuned!!
  18. Plenty of people have done it. You wouldn't be the first.
  19. Got any links to pics/threads?
  20. ... I'll have a look...


    Look - leave it with me and I'll have a thorough look around. I've seen a couple in the real world and several in magazine articles. I'm not seeing them anywhere near the top in web searches, but believe me, it's been done.

    I particularly remember a piece in AMCN about a guy who had a 13/6 Kawa, and a ZX10R track-day bike he towed around.

    I had given a little thought to this myself, with the idea of setting up the ZX14 as a tow bike and transporting my track bike that way. I had a ZX10R in mind but whatever I end up with...