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VERY close call

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by deadman, Oct 21, 2010.

  1. I went for a ride today to check out a new road, which turned out to be dirt,
    Lilydale, Healesville, Marysville, Taggerty, Eildon to check out the dam level, then back to Eildon Jamieson road, Love that road,
    scorched through to the dirt, turned around and headed back, Stopped at the Big River Bridge for a few smokes,

    Then I was warming up my tyres for the compulsory 5 Kays. before I got into it again,
    3 Kays down the road, very tite twisties, I am just about to unleash the missile,
    I come around a very tite right hander, moving but not real quick,

    WHOA, SHIT, CRAP, no where to go, hit the skids, E brake and then some,

    B Double parked right across the road, Front in the Bushes on the right hand side, trailer in the gravel pit on the left hand side, unloading gravel for the new road, about 8 kays further down the road, this is all sealed road I am on,
    This is a road you occasionally get a 4X4 on, no people, no cars. and never any trucks, sign at the start says, not suitable for trucks or caravans, thats it,

    B Double 10 metres in front of me, I stopped 3 feet short of it, If I had a pillion on, I would have hit it. Could not stop. even slow as I was travelling,
    Thank you some one, that I warm my tyres up first,

    If I had of been moving, I would have smacked into the side of it,
    only option would have been to go over the trailer hitch, If I did not hit any thing on the way over, I would have slid to a stop with severe gravel rash and bruising,
    Either way, it would have Totaled my Bird, good chance it would have Totalled me as well,

    No time to hit the brakes or drop it and go under neath it,
    If any one had of been with me, I would have been going a bit faster, myself and any one following me would have smacked into the side of it as well.

    No signs, nothing, clear road, No indication any thing out of the ordinary was there,

    Truck driver said he had told them they needed signs put up at the gravel pit,

    Any way back to my ride, continued on to Eildon, then the Skyline road,
    Back through Alexandra, Buxton, Marysville again for coffee and a smoke, then the Reefton Spur, Through Warby and back to Lilydale,

    Excellent day of riding, perfect weather, I loved it, except for that Bloody truck,
  2. is it the ****drivers responsibility to put up signs yes
  3. So what do you think of Honda's Combined Braking System, given that you've now well and truly put it to the test?!

    That road's 65 km long, last time I was on it during a weekday I saw maybe 2-3 cars total, it's very easy to get into a very fast rhythm, and it does cross your mind that all it takes is one idiot around the next corner can ruin your day. Glad you're OK Brian!
  4. Honda's linked brakes are excellent, not the first time I have used them in a hurry,
    61 Klms, end to end, Magic road,
    Most cars I have ever seen, is two each way, a 4x4 occasionally, and I did see four walkers a while back, Keen,
    Never seen a truck on it yet, week days or week ends,
    Usually no cars, nothing,
    I dont know about night time, but I would assume it would be alive with animals.not good,
    I used to camp up there at Big River 30 odd years ago, the traffic has not changed in all the years,
    I am glad I am okay, These are moments I dont need,
    Even if the truck was along the road, no problems, you have some where to go, down the side of it, off the road even, But 10 metres in front of you across the road, I could not see it even through the trees, it was a very tite blind corner,
    even 10 kays faster and I would have smacked into it,
  5. Glad to hear you missed. I've had similar happen on the Reefton before although not as close as you got, when logging trucks are taking the whole road as you come around a corner.

    Got a link to where that road is though? Sounds like a little trip is in order! :D
  6. Close call deadman. Years of experience paid off and saved you from totalling anything or body.
  7. Eildon to Jamieson road, 2 kays this side of Eildon you turn right, off the Thornton, Eildon road,
    watch out for animals,,

    Reefton is different, cars and trucks you can go down the side of them, your only two feet wide, plenty of room to pass, even if your in the gutter,
    Even a tree across the road, you can go over the top of it, Bike gets totaled, but you will survive a slide down the road, gravel rash and bruising,

    A truck is too high, you will smack into it, you wont walk away from it,
  8. Thanks guys.

    Deadman: Wasn't trying to suggest your incident wasn't serious at all, would be a scary situation to be faced with either going under, going between/over or going into a truck. The logging trucks forced me to actually STOP though as it was either hit the truck or run right off the road, although i had more time to react than it sounds like you did. Where abouts along that road is the gravel pit/ truck area?
  9. About 3 or 4 Kays on the Eildon side of the Big river bridge, Looks like an old quarry from many years ago, very small in size, Bang smack in the middle of a long series of twisties, approx 5 Klms of continous twisties,
    There are no signs saying it is there, No indication that it is used for any thing as you flick past, No truck tyre marks on the road, no dirt on the road indicating that trucks are using it,
    I noticed the stock piled gravel on the way past the first time, Yes, fresh gravel in there, using it for the road works, obviously tippers using it, there is plenty of room for tippers to get in there and unload with out being near the road.
    Its about 8 kays from the start of the gravel. no road works any where near it,

    But a B Double on that road, didnt even enter my mind,

    A B Double would have trouble getting round some of those corners,

    A Tri axle semi would have trouble on that road, the corners are too tight,
    He would have been using the whole road to get around some of those corners. and been sqeezed doing it,
    I will give him credit tho, he is a bloody good driver to get it in there,

    But it didnt help me, I think ahead,

    I got caught out with one of my own theories, Think of the worst thing possible that could happen, and wait for it to happen, It did, I just did not think, B Double. who would on that road,
  10. Farkin ridiculous, the only reason he hasn't killed someone is because of the low traffic on that road, real shame we don't make people take an IQ test before giving them a licence, let alone an articulated truck licence. [-(