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Very close bike purchase

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by AznCruiser, Jul 11, 2011.

  1. I was very lucky to have done the REVS check.

    Ive been looking at a new bike in preparation for my fulls and maybe take it to the track between now and the end of the year, to get my very limited skills up before my full license.

    Ive decided that a 1000cc would be too big and too much to handle for me and a 600cc would be perfect for my needs. All week ive been looking at ebay, gumtree, tradingpost and bikesales for top deals. I found what I though was THE ONE on Thursday, a 2007 CBR600RR in Victoria for $3,900, the listing was changed the next day and the bike jumped by a couple of k. The next THE ONE bike was a 2006 GSR600 for $3,700, I called up the guy, took out the money and arranged to meet him, even telling him to bring the rego papers just in case. The seller seemed like a top bloke on the phone but after doing a REVS check I found out that the bike is a repairable writeoff. The seller apparently didnt even know of this.................I was very lucky that I did the REVS check prior to purchasing.

    Not the bike on the ad but it basically look like this...............
  2. l o l, just read the entire thing, I'm a douche.

    and you're not. Pretty ambitious to go inspect it with purchase money..
  3. Hang on a minute! You want a 600 'something', by 'someone'.

    You need to zero in on wherher you want an upright naked commuter, or a supersport. The difference is chalk and cheese, mate.

    A 06/07 supersport is going to cost you more like 7-8k, for a good one. Anything cheaper will be a farked up pos. If it's honda, do not go back beyond 06. The older model 600rr's are completely different (not as good)
  4. Yeah the bikes you're looking at for that kind of money are clearly 'suss'. Well below market value
  5. In "not as good", he means not as track focused if you are looking for a more sports tourer the earlier CBR600s are better.

    Agree with Raven work out what you want then go shopping.
  6. Yeah ive like that though lol, im a spur of the moment guy....................same as with most of my purchases like my car that I saw one day on ebay with only a couple minutes left to bid. All up I think it took me less than an hour to see the car on ebay, buy it, pick it up, pay for it and drive off :)...........best purchase ever and have run like a dream (touch wood).

    Some days I like riding my cruiser and some days my aprilia...........I figured that a naked would be somewhat of a middle ground. If a super sport or a naked poped up at a right price then Id probably buy it. I probably wont buy another cruiser though, thats already covered :).

    For obvious reasons I havent properly ridden a super sports so dont really know the main difference. Can you shed some light Raven? Ive really been looking at 2005-2006 600cc super sports from the big four and even the Daytona 600. $7-$8k would be too much for me without selling at least one of my other toys, plus im probably just going to drop it anyway so in my case the cheaper the better.

    My skill levels wont be close to exploiting its upper limits anyway and im bound to want/tempted to ride it for cruises...............is the difference pretty substantial? I feel that the best bike for me would be a short seat height and thin bike..........maybe I should go back and look at RGV250 or an RS250?
  7. There is nothing wrong with buying a bike that was a repairable write off (obviously as the current owner knew nothing about the repairs done it's not the best example).

    Before the insurance companies started getting tight fairing damage could have written off a bike. You just have to be cautious and make sure you get a full mechanical check before you hand over the money.

    In fact, given your price range and how easily swayed by a stupidly low price you are, I'd get ANY bike you want at looked at. I've personally seen some really good jobs at covering up a munted bike.

  8. Thats the moral of the story isnt it? Be cautious and do the checks. My price can go up but thats probably when ive got my fulls and sold off something else first.
  9. Possibly true....although I'd never buy a repairable write off.....I think my mind would always be playing tricks on me every time I threw a leg over the thing.....peace of mind (at least for me) is worth a little extra in the hip pocket.

  10. A revs check is one one MINOR thing you should always do. There are countless bikes out there that get fixed on the quiet due to either no full cover or (more so at the low cost end of the market) the cost of going through insurance so will never show up on a revs check.
  11. Oh damn let me try this one more time :)

    The moral of the story is dont be a tight arse and buy brand new :).....................

    Thanks Holster, very true about non insured bike not having a WOVR record when its just as damaged as one that is on there.

    Yeah I cancelled mine straight away........................very lucky I checks REVs though.
  12. Yes the difference is substantial (I can't believe I have to tell you that). I mean, by a magazine and you will see..(not being a smart-arsk, I'm just gobsmacked that you don't know by now..

    A supersport will not be the bike for cruising...it's a race bike, which can be used for general riding, but cruising...NUP!
    That's NOT a good bike for you.

    The one pictured above would be though...more upright and not track focussed...AND they'll be a fair bit cheaper. While a repaired writeoff CAN be no big deal...it really depends what and how much is damaged...plus who rebuilt it...Might "look" great, but might be bent, ride poorly once you get it going at speed and be falling apart underneath.
    The above bike could be purchased at a REAL price, for a REAL bike...That would be my advice.
  13. Thanks raven........................ive read the CBR600 changes below, explained it pretty well. But still dont think I could explore that 1/10th difference between the older and newer model. If I was to go supersports I think id go with the R6........I love its looks (headlights). Raven, have you had much experience with the Daytona 600? theres another bike (like all Daytonas) that I love the looks of.

  14. there are substantial fines for non-disclosure of WOVR status to a purchaser. proving it might be a problem if its a private sale tho..
    I was looking at a particular bike on ebay, had to chase the seller for the reg and vin numbers. Revs check showed it was under finance, the owner said yes thats all cool. I pay him the money then he sends the finance company the amount owing..
    You'd have to be very trusting to do it that way.. I wasnt..
  15. A mate bought a car under similar circumstances - he ended up writing one cheque to the finance company to pay out seller's loan, and another for the balance to the seller.
    Seemed to work out OK for him, but I'm with you foot: walk away...
  16. too much headache though.

    foot, there was nothing on the ad about the vehicle being written off, nothing at all. The guy also didnt tell me, although I suspected that he knew it from the start.............

    Oh well maybe I should keep on riding the 125, I might get tempted to do something naughty otherwise ;)................
  17. The last thing you want is to have your new pride 'n joy repossessed. If there is money owing you should do as suggested BUT YOU send the cheque to the finance company, don't leave it up to the seller! Don't pay (or pick up the bike/cage) until you get a clearance from the finance company.

    Mal, you're going about this all wrong, don't buy a bike simply because you like the look of it unless your main intention is to simple ogle it in your garage. Go and TEST RIDE one and find out whether it 'floats your boat' or not.

    Meaning??? I don't think there are any legal repercussions for mounting tassels on the handlebars :wink: In all seriousness, if you think that if you have a 600cc (or larger) supersport in your garage will tempt you to ride "outside your class", stop looking until you're on your fulls.
  18. This is the ONLY way you should do it. Never expect the Seller to pay their own finance out. All he has to do otherwise is cash the cheques,bunk off on an overseas holiday and the finance company comes and takes your new purchase.
  19. Very true. The bike shouldnt be the first to go though, I would have thought that they would repossess everything else that the guy owns first before repossessing the bike that someone bought fair and square.

    I havent ridden that particular bike but have ridden several other naked bikes and I think they actually suit me better. Sporty, upright and comfy, better for touring and traffic, and the ones ive sat on have lower seats than super sports................lower seats won me over :).

    But I still like super sports though...............its a guy thing where your always after more power, faster blah blah................plus I think they seemed to hold their values better :)

    Lol one of my bike is rainbow (gay) and the other is tassel (gay)..........I dont swing that way but I think ill have super mean looking midnight black with skulls everywhere for my next bike :).

    Yup I will be tempted, thats why I aimed to book EC and ride it there just to get my fix, its just for a couple of months anyway :).
  20. Yeah theres allot of scums out there, all smiles and polite when your talking to them.........