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Very bike friendly motel @ PI

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by VTRBob, Sep 20, 2006.

  1. Hi all, Just thought i'd let you all in on the Motel Myself,Nadeen and Nixon-Chick,stayed in for the GP.

    At 1st I thought it was a tad expensive, but with all the extras thrown in was well worth it :twisted: .
    As a favour most of us parked our bikes in the side alleys but the owner did say ........" it's your pride and joy park it anywhere you feel it would be safe"
    In fact two full dress harleys parked in the FRONT FOYER !!

    Now the owner through on a huge bonfire every night

    Plus Band

    Some of the neighbours complained later in the evening about noise etc
    and this is Nadeens impression of his response

    The in house resturant was top notch with no waiting in que's like down the main drag ( PNUT can vouch for that ) :LOL:
    The shuttle bus stopped right out the front AND as well as band / fire the owner bought out a round of 'shots' or cocktails roughly every half hr or so !! :shock:

    I've prebooked for both races next year, as I said tad expensive but the extras make the stay well worth it :)
  2. Sounds like a great place to stay. What is the name of it?
  3. And how much a night or per person or whatever did it cost?

    The caravan park, Boomerang, that we stayed in has been sold to developers. Initially, it was to become a supermarket, but locals protested and VCAT killed that off. The people running it aren't sure what it will become. I'm tipping that it'll be $200 a night apartments or motel units. Nothing like squeezing out the caravaning family types, huh?

    So, yeah, we'll be looking for somewhere to stay for the World Supers and GP next year. A motel would be nice, price dependant, of course.
  4. Twas the Phillip Is Hotel resort.

    The prices vary , but for this years GP

    the twin room we got was 400 a night, which when you break it down to Per Person its only 100 a night each,and you get total control over the beds, we went 1xking and 2x king singles.
    but you can have any combination you want. They also have rooms that sleep 6 or just down to just 2.

    I have the number if anyone wants it.
  5. Yep can vouch it was a good place to stay, great manager & very bike friendly :grin::grin:

    Thanks for sharing guys.
    Hope you werent too chocky bickied out :LOL:

    Did I hear you want a room buddy for next 2 events......
    Hmmmmm !!