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Very Bad fuel Economy - whats wrong?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by es, Oct 7, 2005.

  1. I used to get 300 - 350 ks out of a tank.

    Last tank I got only 230ks.
    tank before that, only 180km. (i initally dismissed this as a once off)
    I havent changed my riding style. I havent accidentally been resetting the trip metre. Has someone been syphoning fuel from my tank??
    What could be wrong?
  2. have you had it tuned/serviced lately?
  3. How long since the air filter was changed? A very dirty blocked air filter will just kill your fuel consumption.
  4. Tyre pressure, plug and leads, air filter
  5. Do you always buy fuel from the same place?
  6. Chocolate in the fuel tank??
  7. Pregnancy test ? ;-)
  8. How many kms have you done?
    My fuel economy dropped from 200km to 180km when the fuel light came on.
    The jets were worn out and it was running (fuel) rich. Its done just under 85,000km. Jets may have needed changing at 60-70,000km, but I just wanted to be sure. :D
    Runs like a new bike now. :D :D :D
  9. You've eaten too much chocalate
  10. Have you been filling the tank to the top :D sorry...

    Any other symptoms apart from poor fuel economy.
    eg. more/less power, change in exhaust note, smooth/rough idle, engine noises, smoke from the exhaust.

    First and easiest thing to rule out is the air filter, check if it is still clean. Clogged filter will lead to the bike running very rich (which can be confirmed by the state of the spark plugs).

    The thing I'd be suspicious about is the sudden drop (fine one week, stuffed the next). You wouldn't see the filter degrade that quickly. Sounds like a problems in the carbies.
  11. If most of your riding has been fairly sedate, low rpm stuff then it's possible that the spark plugs could be fouled up (crap fuel can also do this). Either take the plugs out and check/clean them or alternatively just take the bike for a ride and give it some revs (can help burn off any carbon deposits).
  12. What about "Choke stuck on"? That can really kill fuel econ.
  13. not choke
    not tyre pressure
    no change in power
    no smoke from exhuast
    sometimes get fuel from same place... but cos i do alot of long distance its almost impossible.

    Its probably the filter...
    Done almost 54 tho and not yet done 50k servive.. guess ill have to put off buying the bed for another few weeks :(

    you can never eat too much chocolate.
  14. haha, i told you the cbr was better! and not to give it shit. it was only getting even, you started it, but now you got winning points..

    Leo's bike it betteeer, Leo's bike it better, Leo's bike it bettar

    actually just had a big peice of fudge.