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Vertically Challenged Speed Triple Riders

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Bugjuice88, Jan 2, 2012.

  1. Hi,

    Ive been looking at either a new Speed Triple or Street Triple for a little while. However being on the shorter side the ground seems a long way away on the Speedy. Apparently there is a low seat option but I am yet to find a decent picture showing how much lower it actually is. Does anyone have one or have ridden one with the low seat option? What is your opinion?

    The Street probably suits me physically a bit better but coming from a gixxer 750 bit leaves a bit to be desired in the power department :angel:. Does anyone have any other suggestions?

  2. A couple of years ago at Wollombi Pub I noticed a lady rider having a great deal of difficulty with the seat height on a 675 and thought at the time that it was strange that a bike that was narrower than a four should also be higher. The issue has been discussed here a few times and the only answer seems to be lowering the seat by fiddling with the rear spring (?).
  3. Reesa had her Street Triple lowered I believe. I sat on it, and had no problem whatsoever; I'm around 5'6" ish. How tall are you OP?
  4. Im 5 5 with a 30' inseam (with boots on). I currently ride a 09 GSXR750 with a seat height of 810mm, i can get the balls of both feet planted firmly but not really flat foot, and no way can i reverse. But the S3 is 825, whilst riding its fine, feels compact, nimble, etc etc. Triumph have a low seat as an accessory and but I haven't really heard of anyone using it so don't really know how successful it is.

    Street triple is fine i can manage that, and it seems a fair bit lighter than the speed.
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  6. researched the same question not long ago, wanted to upgrade from street triple r to new speedy until the diavel got in the way. similar issue to yours, reversing was awkward, had to get off and walk the bike to park sometimes but now that i'm on a really low bike, it feels weird not sliding the butt over one side to balance, maybe it's something you will get used to.

    other forum results below, I guess worst case you could shave the seat foam without altering the riding geometry www.google.com.au/search?q=2011+speed+triple+low+seat+inurl:forum
  7. Hi OP. As Greydog said I had my Street lowered with a kit - I'm now just on the balls of my feet which is better compared to the thin air I had before. When I test rode it they had to hold the bike whilst I clambered up the side. You get used to stopping with only one foot down at the lights anyway - you just have to be careful with ground handling; don't ever park it nose in, downhill, unless someone can pull you out. If you're already on the balls of your feet you should be fine on it, it's really light, agile, well balanced and.. well... awesome :)
  8. That soupy performance link drops the rear up to 4 inches!!! Seems like there are plenty of options. Where do people find these kind of sites?
  9. The low seat option drops 20 mm off it. I think the new speedy is 825?

    But lowering is a good option too if the seat isn't enough. Certainly an awesome bike !

    It's a heavy bike tho. Compared to the street triple.

    I rode then back to back recently and the street is a great fun little bike fast handling and ridden well can outride the speedy in the twisties.

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  10. How tall are you Reesa? I probably wasn't totally flat foot on your bike, but I think I would have been able to reverse OK. But sounds like I had a bit more foot down than you. Hard to tell with one try.

    ETA: Guess I'll find out when I start searching for mine :)
  11. Thats the kit my dealer used, after doing a bit of research I discovered the follwing things:
    - Need to lower the front as well
    - Race boys will tell you you're going to die going around corners (apparently this wll only be noticable at really high speeds - if I ever do track, the kit will be coming off) at present, the handling is no different to what it was at the previous height.
    - You'll probably also need to get the side stand shortened as well.
  12. Same as you but I'm a tall dwarf. Short legs.
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  14. I actually wouldn't mind a slightly taller seat on my Speedie for a bit extra leg room. Regardless, a great bike. My only gripe so far is the vibrations through the bars, but some heavier bar ends should fix that.
  15. Can't you just slide your bum off to one side and use that leg to support you. You don't have to use both feet. As for reversing, get of the bike and walk it.

    I do not like these height lowering mechanisms, because can effect handling.

    Get the street triple. Or if power is a high priority for you, get the gixxer thou - low seat hight, and heavy like the triumph big boy.
  16. Your are spot on - those links and dropping the front forks through &#*% the handling beyond belief. I've ridden a number of bikes lowered this way and they handle hidiously/dangerously.

    Adjusting the front ride height by makes the front end really twitchy. Ie easy to wash out, prone to tank slappers etc.

    Lowering link makes the rear stiff as a plank (changes the effective spring rate).

    Having one end lower than the other will cause horrible handling also.

    I've got a 5ft girlfriend I've been through it all.

    The only decent solution is to have the internals (springs) lowered that way the ride height changes but it will be sprung for the riders weight and maintain the same ride height front to rear.

    The downfall is still reduced travel, ground clearance and fender clearance, it is possible to bottom the bike out which is still dangerous.

    I got my gf's cbr600 lowered by teknik racing and they did a great job. You'd want to be sitting down when you get the price but it beats crashing due to a shonky setup.
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  17. Yeah i would be a bit hesitant to lower a bike in any way (apart from cost).

    As for a Gixxer Thou well im more after something a bit more relaxed. I may as well keep my 750 as Its got more than enough power for me to handle. 675 seems a bit revy on a longer ride and cruising seems like it works a bit hard, the speedy just has nice all round torque. Gotta decide what to compromise.

    I know these guys are a fair way away but Im sure there would be someone similar in your area that should be able to help you out.
  18. Thanks for the link Bugjuice. Something to consider down the track......
  19. Totally agree, have ridden some evil handling lowered bikes:eek:

    Would not recommend it...