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Versys/Vstrom/Tiger 1000s?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by dryfter, Apr 8, 2014.

  1. I'm still on a mission to find the perfect bike for me, with some fairly picky requirements:
    1) Must fairly upright riding position due to neck/shoulder issues.
    2) Must be able to take lots of luggage and still be reasonable to ride two-up, with at least vaguely comfortable seat.
    3) Must be reasonable to commute to work everyday and ride around the city, so decent clutch/low gears, good visibility and lights, able to filter.

    Lesser requirements are:
    4) Must also be fun to blast around twisties on the weekend.
    5) Can handle the occasional dirt road.

    Bikes I've tried and how they've failed:

    Suzuki V-Strom 650 -- excellent for points (1) , (3) and (5), good enough for (4), but fails on (2) -- the seat is comfy, but the engine and suspension just isn't up to three luggage cases and two riders.

    BMW R1200R with raised bars -- fine for points (1), (2) and (4). (3) is OK but the seat isn't that comfy for a pillion (although I'm looking at fixing that). Commuting on it is annoying though -- the gearbox sucks at low speed, constantly clunkily changing between first and second. The single headlight isn't that great and there isn't great visibility at it's height. It's really evident that cars don't realise I'm there on it, compared to when I'm riding the v-strom. (A bike which is higher and has 4x as many headlights)

    So I'm wondering about switching to something else yet again, and currently I'm wondering about The Versys 1000, the Tiger Sport 1050 and the new V-Strom 1000. I suspect they'd have the capacity to go touring but yet still have decent manners in rush hour traffic, and they appear to have a decent seat and fairly upright riding position.

    Has anyone been riding those? The v-strom and tiger are fairly recent releases, but the versys 1000 has been around for a while -- although I don't think I've ever seen one on the road!

    Any opinions people can give on how they compare to each other, and for my purposes?
    Perhaps you'd like to suggest something I've missed..
  2. Apparently the new V-Strom 1000 is getting good reviews - compares favourable in terms of handling to the Wee-strom (650). Good value for money those bikes. I've heard the Versys 650 is a very capable jack-of-all trades bike but don't know much about the 1000.
  3. The Versys 1000 sounds like it has a nifty and powerful engine; I like the idea of the multi-mode traction control too. I can see the third mode would be handy for rainy days like today. I appreciate that apparently the bike gets pretty good range for longer journeys.
    I hate the LOOK of the versys 1k though! Damnit, it even makes my vstrom look pretty..
  4. Is budget a consideration?
    Would have also thought either of the Tiger 800s would meet most of those requirements.
  5. Good point.. I was considering the Tiger 800 when I ended up buying the V-Strom. Probably worth reconsidering, but I think I read that the Tiger 1050 Sport doesn't really weigh much more and gets similar fuel economy, so kinda.. why bother with the smaller 800? I guess there's a few around used now that'd save a bit of cash though.
  6. Budget doesn't quite stretch that far! The recent ones do look good though..
  7. not believing the 1050 tiger weights the same 800. I'm not on tip of all the stats, but would expect 20kg in it. In Daytona form there is almost 40kg in it.

    Have you considered the 1250 bandit. With the right tyres it might be OK on gravel roads.
  8. Have a look at the 1250 Bandit, FZ1S. Do Yamaha still make the TDM900?
  9. I had a feeling the TDM900 was discontinued a while back? Or have they relaunched it? I vaguely recall looking into it a couple of years back and they weren't around.

    How are the seats and riding positions on the big bandit and the FZ1S?

  10. Quite funny actually ... because this was me a few weeks ago :) ... and after lengthy deliberation I decided that since it is unlikely I will be doing much off road riding solo or two up I went for a sports tourer instead.
    But before I made that decision I had a look at the Versys which even though it is ugly it does have some nifty gadgets, but I preferred the Tiger as it is easier on the eye out of the two.
    I was also recommended the Super Tenere but didn't really like it either.
    Since I wanted something with the smallest lean angle for comfy ergos I found that the 1400GTR was best suited for me due to my height (6'4"), yes it did mean a second hand bike since new are out of my budget, but a second hand one falls in the same price range as the adventure tourers I was looking at.
    Good luck with your search.
  11. That's brilliant! I'll buy you a drink if I ever run into you :)
  12. I've got the older 1200 bandit and I find it's brilliant. The position is slight leaned forward with your feet back a bit. My pillions like the pillion seat. My son finds it comfortable enough to fall asleep and my wife hasn't complained (well not about the seat anyway.

    The FZ1s has a similar riding position, but I did notice on the one I test rode the 'bars felt a bit wider.

    To get an idea of the riding position of different bikes have a look at this site http://cycle-ergo.com/

    As for the TDM, I think you're right and it's been discontinued. You could look at the XTZ1200.

    I've ridden the Bandit on dirt/gravel roads and it handles it fine, however, beware of sandy surfaces and 'blue metal' surfaces.
  13. @dryfter@dryfter and @b12mick@b12mick that's a brilliant resource ! One of my favorite bike's of semi - recent years was the Sport Classic 1000S Ducati (just gorgeous imo ) , of which I'd read that the riding position was very uncomfortable . Not having ever sat on one , I now know why .
  14. I read a few more reviews of the 2014 V-Strom 1000; sounds like it's quite a nice package.
    Given how much I love the 2012 V-Strom 650 (I actually prefer it over the R1200R!) maybe the best thing to do is just upgrade to the bigger 'strom later this year.

    Don't get me wrong - the R1200R is a nice enough bike, and certainly out-performs the DL650, but it's almost impossible to ride the thing smoothly at lower speeds.
  15. Probably best value for money too, yes the 2014 does look good but when I was looking they didn't have one on the floor and was a few weeks away so couldn't really do a test ride.
    Is it available now or are they still waiting for its release in Australia?
  16. Bike is available now but I believe genuine accessories may not be yet . Know someone who is getting one .
  17. See, that is kind of annoying, they should include the panniers as standard.
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  18. Also, a centre stand, sump guard and heated grips! They should all really be standard.
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