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Versys vs CB500x

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Kellieeclipse, Jun 11, 2014.

  1. Ok I know this has kind of been looked at but I
    Dumped on which way to go and it's crunch time.

    I will use it mostly as a weekend rider in group rides, quick commutes and 300 km weekend trips. Plus occasional highway long trip with gear. I own a dirt bike so don't need it to be off road as such but not panic on gravel.

    Here is my choices

    2014 demo model cb500x in white and black ( don't like the colour).
    Light bike, no probs standing and pretty nimble. Good pick up on the highways. Easy bike to ride $7400

    2012 Versys 650 LAMS only 3000 kms on it. Aftermarket exhaust that makes it sound very meaty ( coming from
    Dirt bikes , I like it!)
    Versys slightly heavier and half inch taller but not
    Uncomfortable at all. In black :). Like the look of this bike better. I wasn't as instantly comfortable tipping in to corners but still found it light to corner. Loved the feel on the highway. The main reason I slightly went for this bike was because it was fun!! Cb500x was easy but I just didn't get the same rush riding it.
    Cost $7990. Still negotiating.

    Worry I will get bored with the CB500x.....

    Your turn.... Go!

  2. Kel
    If in doubt go for more power. YAH
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  3. I weighed up these two and ended going for the Honda, primarily as it was my first bike and I found it more manageable and forgiving to ride. I think they're both great bikes. If you're planning to load it up I think you might find the Honda a touch underpowered on the highway. The Versys is definitely a bit more settled on the highway. Sounds like you've already made your mind up though...
  4. I think if it was a first bike I would go Honda as well. But being second, I like the extra grunt.
  5. You already answered your question on the first post. You like the Versys better, go for it!!
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  6. Versys every time especially if you're touring. Extra 3.3L tank capacity too.
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  7. Kel
    How you go?
  8. Get the Versys... I did!
    LAMS has better resale as well.

    You will not get bored of riding it.
  9. The Versys. If it fits you then it's a good choice.
  10. image. Got it Friday! Versys it is.
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  11. Caption:
    "Does this bike make my arse look fat?" :p

    You might want to set up the number plate properly. The way it's set up, you could have some trouble with cops because it isn't fully legible from 45 degrees in the downward direction. Seemingly the dealer has NFI how to attach a number plate properly...
  12. That was just the dealer plate.
  13. Yeh? Don't they just strap the trade plate on your back, like half the dealers in Melb do? ;)
  14. Nice.
    Looks like it already has a Pyramid rear Hugger and front fender extender, and looks like an aftermarket exhaust.

    Black Bikes go Faster :)
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  15. I really like the aftermarket exhaust. It gives it a nice little rumble...
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